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AI-driven 5-ton ship crosses the Atlantic Ocean

After some technical problems, the automated research vessel Mayflower successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean, completed a journey of 5,600 km and landed at Halifax, Nova Scotia, on June 5.

The Mayflower runs on autopilot on the ocean.  Photo: IBM

The Mayflower runs on autopilot on the ocean. Image: IBM

Researchers at the University of Plymouth in the UK have revealed for the first time plans to launch a five-ton automated research vessel in 2015, which is set to set sail in the UK and arrive at Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA. The project, which attracts many global partners, including Nvidia, the nonprofit research organization ProMare and IBM, aims to build a 15-meter 3-hull model and install the AI ​​Captain platform along with 6 cameras, 15 systems Advanced computer system, more than 30 sensors, positioning technology and weather station. All appeared to be favorable to set sail by the end of 2020. The Mayflower underwent extensive sea trials before attempting to cross the Atlantic the following year.

In June 2021, the driverless train set off but had to cancel midway after only 3 days of running at an average speed of 13 km for a distance of 833 km due to a problem with the train’s solar and diesel hybrid propulsion system. . A remote assessment determined the transmitter malfunction could not be repaired without human intervention, so the Mayflower returned to base.

Repairs are underway and the vessel was restored to sea trials last September. The transatlantic schedule has been moved to spring 2022. In the early morning hours of April 27, the Mayflower set sail again from the Turnchapel pier in Plymouth for a three-week voyage to the United States. Instead of going to Plymouth, Massachusetts, as originally planned, this time the ship headed for Virginia and then Washington.

However, the transmitter continued to experience technical problems on May 6. The command center at Plymouth decided to send the ship to Horta in the Azores, for investigation and repair. After waiting for the two low-pressure systems to pass, the command center performed a remote restart and the ship continued on. The remaining distance of more than 3,200 km went smoothly until the problem in the charging circuit of the generator battery was discovered on May 28-29. The Mayflower diverted to Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, and then docked on June 5.

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