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Almost 5 months pregnant but do not know, infertile patient almost died

Being infertile, at the age of 45, the patient had her first child. For more than 1 week, she often had vaginal bleeding but thought it was a normal condition of postpartum. Until the state of massive bleeding occurred, the patient was hospitalized in a critical condition, the doctor determined that she was pregnant the 2nd time, but each other had comb teeth.

That is the case of a female patient living in Ho Chi Minh City who has been successfully treated by an inter-hospital cooperation between Cho Ray and a private hospital. Information from Dr. Pham Minh Huy, Department of Emergency Resuscitation, Cho Ray Hospital, said that a female patient admitted to the frontline hospital in a state of heavy bleeding was diagnosed with a placenta attached to a comb on a 21-week pregnant patient.

At the front-line hospital, the patient underwent an overnight operation to remove the uterus and perform a hemostasis procedure. The fetus was removed but was too premature to sustain life. The amount of blood loss was too much, after surgery the patient fell into a state of ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest.

Almost 5 months pregnant but do not know, infertile patient almost died - 1

The female patient was fortunate to overcome the critical condition after being actively treated by the doctor

Frontline hospital doctors have both resuscitated and contacted Cho Ray Hospital to offer professional support. Right in the night, the team of doctors of Cho Ray hospital brought the ECMO system and many specialized equipment urgently to the hospital to successfully perform the procedure of placing ECMO on the patient, and at the same time transferred to the hospital. hospital for further intensive treatment.

At Cho Ray, the patient continued to fall into critical condition, with a large amount of abdominal bleeding. The hospital consulted with the obstetrician and performed laparotomy to stop bleeding and clean the abdomen to prevent infection. After being actively resuscitated, by June 9, the patient had recovered well and could be discharged from the hospital in the next few days.

According to Dr. Minh Huy, the cause of the condition of the placenta in the patient’s pregnancy may be because the patient is pregnant at an older age. Besides, the patient just gave birth about 1 year ago by cesarean section, when the placenta clings to the old incision on the uterus, it will not be enough to support the fetus, the placenta will stick deeper, leading to the penetration of the placenta. uterine wall causing bleeding and pregnancy complications.

Waking up after the first death, the female patient said that she had previously suffered from infertility and had to perform assisted reproduction methods to have children. “When it came to vaginal bleeding, I just thought I was having a period, but I didn’t think about the situation that I could get pregnant naturally, so I didn’t go to the hospital for a checkup until I had to go to the emergency room.”

From the above case, the doctor recommends that women of reproductive age, if they experience abnormal menstrual cycle symptoms or have signs of pregnancy, need to go to the hospital for examination for support. avoid possible danger.

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