Bitter teenage memories and indelible stains of the sexy goddess Shu Qi

Shu Qi used to be a popular high school movie star, with her constant efforts to change her image and impressive acting talent, she rose to become an A-list star. However, acting in high school movies has been around since the time. young women are still bitter memories that cling to her career.

Bitter with stains that are hard to wash

Thu Ky’s real name is Lam Lap Tue, born in 1976 in a family not very well off in Taiwan. She had a childhood lacking in parental love. Even her mother said that the fact that she gave birth to Thu Ky at the age of 18 had hindered her career building process.

In the documentary My LegacyThu Ky said that she was often beaten by her parents, so much so that just hearing the sound of her father’s motorbike returning home, she would run far away to hide, even though it was midnight. “My childhood was needy and broken. I am obsessed with hunger. After that, the money I earn, I spend on food first, I must eat it.” is the sad confession of Thu Ky.

At the age of 16, Thu Ky decided to leave home to start a business. She moved to Hong Kong at the age of 17 and managed to make a living on her own. With the advantage of a beautiful face and hot body, Thu Ky decided to enter the entertainment industry as a photo model for 18+ magazines.

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The attractive beauty of Thu Ky in her youth.

Through pictures in adult magazines, Thu Ky caught the eye of Kha Tuan Hung – the notorious tycoon of the Chinese entertainment world at that time. She received from him a contract to act in 6 high school films with a salary of around 10 thousand NT dollars (about 8 million dong). The salary was too low, but this was the biggest opportunity at that time. Shu Qi was forced to agree.

However, Shu Qi only finished filming the movie Soul and Lust then broke the contract and determined to run away from the boss. The reason is that in this film, Thu Ky and Kha Tuan Hung have two intimate scenes, including a scene where Kha Tuan Hung is said to have crossed the line, performing sexual acts with the actress, making her lost her virginity right on the set. Only later did Thu Ky reveal to the media the pain she had kept secret for many years, that was, she lost her “golden gold” in 1995, this was the time when she filmed the movie. Soul and Lust.

During the following 2 years, Shu Qi continued to appear in 18+ movies and was framed by erotic images. Referring to this time, the female star called it a “stain”, and if she could go back, she would never choose to take hot pictures or act in high school movies.

Touch the light

In 1996, Shu Qi took on the lead role in the movie The color of men and women, about the porn industry in Hong Kong. The unexpected role brought her the Golden Statue award in the category Best Supporting Actress – a prestigious award that no 18+ movie star dares to dream of. Thanks to this precious title, Shu Qi gradually had the opportunity to appear in mainstream films later.

In her career, Thu Ky always considers herself lucky and has noble people to support her. While struggling to navigate, Thu Ky met director Vuong Tinh. Seeing the talent and pitifulness of the young actress, the director used his relationship in the entertainment world to help Shu Qi get rid of the black forces that always threatened and forced her to act in hot movies for a long time, at the same time. giving her the opportunity to appear in authentic cinematic works.

Shu Qi constantly impresses in the series Hanging the Sword (2002), The Transporter (2002), Beauty Grass (2004)… With movies Beauty grassThu Ky took the prize Best Actress at the 13th Shanghai Film Critics Awards. In 2013, Shu Qi starred in the movie Journey to the West: Extraordinary love story by Chow Tinh Tri, creating a box office fever with a revenue of 206 million USD, surpassing Lost in Thailand to become the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time.

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Shu Qi in the movie “Journey to the West: Extraordinary Love”.

Going up with the beginning as a high school film actor, but Thu Ky has tried to remove the negative prejudices of the audience with a series of impressive roles and prestigious awards. After more than 20 years in the profession, with admirable efforts and bravery, until now, Thu Ky has been recognized as an A-list actor in the Chinese-language entertainment industry. In addition, she was also honored to be invited to be a judge at international film festivals such as Berlin 2008, Cannes 2009… Regarding her private life, she kept and avoided scandals so that the audience could have a more sympathetic view of her.

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In 2005, Shu Qi burst into tears when she won the Golden Horse Award for “Best Actress”.

Happiness after many breakdowns

It was her past filming high school movies that made Thu Ky confused in love affairs. She has experienced many love affairs with many screen beauties such as Quach Phu Thanh, Vuong Luc Hoanh… but none of them have a beautiful ending, especially a tearful love story with Le Minh.

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Thu Ky and Le Minh when they were still salty.

In 1998, Thu Ky and Le Minh met on the set Chi Thanh Crystal. They fell in love in silence until the love pictures were published by the paparazzi. At that time, a whole wave of criticism and protest was directed at Thu Ky because fans thought that she was not worthy of being side by side with Le Minh – an actor with a clean background. Despite the fact that Thu Ky was severely scolded, Le Minh never once spoke out or made a move to protect her.

Although Thu Ky tried to change her image, giving sincere care to her boyfriend as well as his family, in the end, what she received was the harsh words of her biological father Le Minh: “Once I acted in a high school movie, I couldn’t escape the name of a prostitute for the rest of my life”. So after 7 years of love in silence, Thu Ky had to break up with Le Minh.

It was not until 2012 that Thu Ky found new happiness with actor and director Phung Duc Luan. They have known each other and have been friends since 1997 when they acted in the drama Bishonen. In 2016, the two announced their marriage after 4 years of dating.

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Thu Ky and his wife – Phung Duc Luan.

Sharing about her husband, Thu Ky said that he did not conquer her in terms of looks, but her personality is not available to any man. She is happy to be loved and accepted by her husband and family: “People treat me very well. Not only Duc Luan tolerated my past, but so did my mother-in-law. My family doesn’t mind my high school drama past, accepting me as an important member. My husband always respects my opinion. We’ve known each other for more than 20 years, so we know each other very well.”.

After getting married, Thu Ky and her husband lived privately, rarely appearing together in the media. The couple tried to have a baby but it still didn’t work out. However, the beauty lives peacefully and happily after the ups and downs of life. Outside of work, she spends a lot of time taking care of her pets and enjoying them.

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The beauty of Thu Ky at the age of U50.

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