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Brake hard to turn left into a forbidden road

HanoiThe white sedan suddenly braked sharply, preventing other vehicles from turning left under the overpass.

Drivers brake quickly and enter the road where left turns are prohibited

Traffic situation: While moving suddenly, the white sedan was almost hit by a motorbike from behind, on June 4 under the Me Tri overpass. Then, the vehicle enters the forbidden road to turn around, even though there is a sign prohibiting left turn right in front of it and it is also a place designed with an arc, only for vehicles in the opposite lane to turn right.

Driving skills: Even if you go beyond the point where you need to turn, the driver should also slow down slowly, do not brake suddenly, causing the vehicles behind to turn back and lead to a collision. According to the situation in the video, the white driver was too careless when the emergency brake did not look and continued to obstruct traffic when turning across the car to turn left when there was a sign prohibiting the turn.

Penalize: Decree 100/2019 on sanctioning of administrative violations in road traffic stipulates that a fine of 3-5 million dong will be imposed on driving cars on prohibited roads. In addition, the driver was also stripped of his driving license for 2-4 months in turn.

Nguyen Vu

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