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Bringing lunch for the director’s husband, I was dumbfounded when I heard strange sounds in the room

When I saw a scene I shouldn’t have seen, I was furious. I didn’t expect the husband I love to betray me like that.

Recently, I find my husband very strange, he often leaves early. When I asked, I only received his short answer: “The company is so busy these days“.

With my husband building a career for many years, I understand that so I love him very much. I told myself to take care of him more because my husband is the breadwinner in the house.

The media company built by myself and him, going through difficulties together to get to where it is today. When we were students, when we were still in love, we cherished the ambition of opening our own company. Later, after being married for 3 years, my husband and I turned our dream into reality. When the company went into stable operation, I retired to the rear to take care of my family.

Yesterday, I made lunch, personally brought it to the company for my husband. Normally, I also cook for him to bring to the office, but for some reason he refused. So I’m going to give you a surprise.

However, when I stood in front of my husband’s office, I was dumbfounded when I heard the noise inside. It turned out that, taking advantage of lunch time, when all the other employees were out, my husband and his female secretary had secretly done a debauchery. He betrayed me.

Two lines of tears rolled down her cheeks non-stop. The lump in my throat made my chest start to sob. But I quickly regained my composure, wiped my tears, turned to the office and deliberately said loudly: “Everyone works so hard, don’t go to lunch after lunch, but still work so hard?”.

My words touched the rat couple. By the time I walked in they were like boss and secretary discussing business.

Seeing me, the secretary got up to go out. She did not forget to flatter:Wow, it’s been a while since I joined the company. We miss you so much. But he’s really smart. Sisters are getting younger and more beautiful.”.

After she said that, she was about to run away, but I grabbed her hand and pulled her back: “Sit still, dear, we haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Then I turned to my husband: “I brought you rice, but I was busy watching a good scene, so the lunch box fell, I threw it in the trash, but it seems that my husband also ate it?”

My husband hesitated but still happily said: “I’ve eaten, you don’t need to bring it here later, it’s both tired and hot, I love it“.

I interrupted my husband: “I didn’t come up here, how did I know there was a good scene, the staff worked all afternoon and he didn’t give me any rest… Well, I came here to ask you what kind of medicine to kill flies. Recently, there are flies in my house, they fly around and land on places that people have carefully covered.

Confused husband said: “There are no flies in my house”.

Yes. Before, I was subjective and didn’t pay attention, now flies enter the house and spoil all the food. Discarded food is not regretful but frustrating. I’ll see if there’s any medicine that will eliminate it completely. Whenever I see a fly somewhere, I kill it to clean it. It’s so frustrating when the food arrives in the mouth and there are dirty flies on it.” – I said, then turned to the secretary and asked: “Am I right?”

Seeing her startled, I walked over to my husband’s office chair, lightly tapped the chair he was sitting on, and said implicitly: “These days, my husband is so busy, I love him so much, so I am discussing with my father that maybe I can withdraw my shares here and invest in something else for leisure. I’m taking a break at home to recuperate, but working all afternoon like this, what’s the point of being human.”

This company is largely funded by my father, I own the dominant share, I understand that if he is at home now, it is considered empty.

Bringing lunch for the director's husband, I was dumbfounded when I heard strange sounds in the room

I turned to the secretary who was hunched over: “I’ve been working here for a long time too. Must have a lot of experience. That’s the company, then my husband doesn’t know how if I don’t ask you. I’m busy taking care of the baby, I don’t have time to pay attention. See, even a fly enters a house without knowing it, so that it can make nests.”

After I finished talking, I went home, not forgetting to give the other two a burning glare. When I got to the car, I just briefly texted my husband a line: “Choose her or family and career, it’s up to you.” Then I texted the secretary: “I really hate when someone takes my stuff. Do you understand?”

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