BTS wrote a letter asking fans to do something special

On June 7, 3 days before officially returning to Kpop with the album “Proof”, BTS unexpectedly sent a letter to ARMY.

The letter is BTS sent to ARMY at the beginning of June 7.

“Dear ARMY,

For the past nine years, you have been our greatest champions. Now, as we begin our journey into our 10th year as a group, we want to remember and celebrate all the special moments we’ve had together so far.

Starting this Saturday, we’d like to ask you to share your BTS stories with us, and among you, on YouTube Shorts.

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From your first concerts to the world’s biggest stages, to video premieres to album releases, you’ve been there for BTS. We want to relive these memorable moments of BTS with you.

By adding the hashtag #MyBTStory to your Shorts videos, we’ll be able to see and possibly include your stories in the ARMY tribute video we’re working on, a compilation of these memorable moments. .

ARMY, we love you so much, thank you for sticking with BTS and we can’t wait to see your videos.

We love you,

BTS (signed by all members)”.

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Reading BTS’s warm messages, ARMYs couldn’t help but cry, and ARMYs responded to BTS with equally touching comments: “We love you so much”, “It’s so warm”, “We ARMYs also have a banner that says OUR FLIGHT WILL BE LONG FOREVER”,…

Back to BTS’s will, all ARMYs and music lovers everywhere can take part in this challenge by creating and sharing BTS’ most memorable moments with the hashtag #MyBTStory on YouTube Shorts from June 11 to July 9 (which is also ARMY’s birthday).

You can use background music Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) or any BTS hits.

ARMY has played a big part in BTS’ success every step of the way. #MyBTStory will be a special gift that BTS is grateful to ARMY.

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BTS will officially return to K-Pop with a new album titled Proof on 10/6. The group will release the MV for the main single Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) at 11 a.m. on June 10 (Vietnam time). This will definitely become another unforgettable moment for BTS and ARMYs.

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