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Buying a used car should pay attention to the following issues

These are common mistakes on used cars, people who want to buy used cars need to pay attention to check before deciding to pay down.

At the end of the year, when the Lunar New Year is approaching, the demand for car shopping increases. For customers with limited financial resources, buying a used car is a remarkable option. However, the cheaper difference compared to the new car price is also proportional to the used car depreciation. Even the cheaper the car, the higher the chance of parts failure. Below, Otofun News summarizes the 7 most common “diseases” from used cars.

Buying a used car should pay attention to the following issues - 1

Weak machine

Usually, cars that have been rolling for 5-7 years cannot avoid the “disease” of engine inertia. When viewing old cars, customers need to carefully check the engine part. The obvious manifestation is that when pressing the accelerator, the engine is not “sensitive”, the accelerator pedal’s journey must be longer than normal. When accelerating, climbing slopes, the car reacts slowly, more difficult.

A weak engine not only causes difficulties in handling situations when participating in traffic, but also causes the vehicle to consume fuel. The cause is the car’s fuel filter is clogged. When operating, the dirt of gasoline will be retained on this filter, after a period of time the fuel filter will be clogged and lead to a lack of fuel. When climbing uphill, the car needs to pump more fuel, leading to the car “drowning”. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately check to notify the car owner of a reasonable repair and replacement plan before deciding to buy a car.

Poor damping

Buying a used car should pay attention to the following issues - 3

It is very difficult to detect this error, if the buyer of a used car only takes a short test drive. To “catch disease”, try going through a bad road, when the shock absorber degrades, you will feel very uncomfortable shocks, even the car will have “clumsy” noises under the car. In this case, the simplest way is to replace the shock absorber with a new one.

Brake does not eat

Brakes not eating, poor sensitivity is one of the leading causes of serious accidents. After a period of use, this system is also very prone to errors and failures.

If the brake does not eat, the sensitivity is poor, the cause may be a leak in the oil or gas line of the brake system, the front wheel piston is often locked in the disc brake, the air booster and the upper middle seal are damaged, the cuppen Brakes are damaged, handbrake wires are broken or blocked, brake pads are too worn, etc.

In this case, it is necessary to re-adjust the brake pedal stroke, re-tighten the coupling heads, replace the gaskets, drain the air mixed in the brake fluid, replace the power booster and upper total middle seal, replace the cup-pen, New brake lines and brake pads.

Car jerks when accelerating

This situation is not too dangerous but annoying for the driver. The main cause of this problem usually comes from insufficient fuel supply (out of gas) or deeper causes such as dirty injectors and clogged fuel filter due to too long not being maintained and cleaned. The above phenomenon can also be caused by a faulty sensor on the vehicle.

When this phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to take the car to a reputable maintenance center so that the technician can check it comprehensively.

Error “goldfish” light

Buying a used car should pay attention to the following issues - 4

The “goldfish” light or the engine error light – Check engine light on is a fairly common phenomenon on some cars that have been used for more than 5 years. In many cases, the engine error light is on, but the car is still operating normally, so the car owner does not pay attention. However, this may warn that one (or several) parts of the engine are having problems.

There are many causes with different levels that lead to the engine fault light being on such as: Damaged high-voltage wire, power divider; spark plug failure; broken anemometer, oxygen sensor; thermostatic valve failure; broken exhaust filter…

For older vehicles that are more than 10 years old, the fault can come from anywhere. If the failure comes from the power supply part such as high voltage wire, spark plug, the car will have phenomena such as difficulty starting, weak engine, stalling, car shaking, etc. If the fault comes from other parts, it may be possible. causing the controller to miscalculate, causing the engine to work inefficiently and waste fuel.

To fix it, the car mechanic can use a reader to accurately detect the error code, thereby having an appropriate repair plan.


Buying a used car should pay attention to the following issues - 5

Vehicles used for a long time will experience wear and tear on the steering wheel and cause a loose feeling on the steering wheel. The direction of the car is skewed (steering) when traveling at high speed and it is difficult to keep it in the right lane. Some other signs are that the steering wheel when steering is delayed, ie when the steering wheel is turned to the right or left, but the wheel still does not change direction immediately, then it is possible that the car’s steering wheel mechanism has been worn leading to the failure of the steering wheel. steering wheel delay.

The above phenomena can stem from many causes such as: uneven tire wear, running out of power steering oil, worn steering parts or the vehicle has been hit or crashed, affecting the steering wheel. To fix it, you only have to take the car to recalibrate the car’s steering wheel at reputable facilities.

Air conditioner is not cool

Buying a used car should pay attention to the following issues - 6

Normally, the air conditioning system will be bad after 5 years, common mistakes are poor cooling, not deep cold or no longer cooling effect.

The problems related to the car’s air conditioner are quite complicated and can be caused by many reasons such as dirt sticking to the air filter or the outdoor unit; lack of gas, excess gas, long-term clogged gas filter or the worst is because the heat sensor and cold block are damaged.

For cars that have been used for a long time, it may be due to other reasons such as slack or slippage of the engine block drive belt; aging pipes cause leaks, open gaskets, broken wires. The air conditioning system of a car is quite complicated, so it is necessary to bring your car to a reputable repair garage for inspection.

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