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Cars turn on emergency lights to go through the roundabout

Ha LongInstead of turning on one side turn signal, the silver sedan turned on the emergency light when it reached the roundabout, making the driver behind him unable to read the situation on June 8.

Cars turn on emergency lights when entering a roundabout

Traffic situation: When going to the roundabout to turn into Co Tien lake, instead of turning signal, the driver of the silver car turned on the emergency light. Using the wrong light makes it difficult for the driver behind to judge the turn of the vehicle ahead, which can cause an unintended collision.

Driving skills: Hazard warning lights are only used in cases where it is necessary to warn other vehicles of danger, such as when stopping or parking because the car breaks down, the driver has health problems. The light will warn other drivers that your vehicle is a traffic hazard, reminding them to pay attention.

However, many drivers use this light improperly, such as turning on the light to go straight through the junction, the intersection even to pass another vehicle.

Nguyen Vu

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