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Chat “Hi” is old, try these “secrets” when “saw” someone online- Information Technology

Opening words with simple words like “Hi em” or confessing “I like you” is still not impressive enough for Gen Z.

According to a report by online dating application Tinder, movies are one of the top 3 hobbies that help Vietnamese Gen Z members get closer together. In particular, Korean films with Vietnamese youth as an abundant source of inspiration help nurture many great values ​​for the life of Gen Z through stories of family affection, friendship, co-workership, village friendship and especially indispensable love.

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To complete online dating through Tinder, you need to have your own “secrets”. (Illustration)

Tinder sat down with Gen Z fans of Korean dramas – who are searching for the same frequency on Tinder to reveal the best dating secrets inspired by Korean films. From the poetic scenes in youth dramas like Our Beloved Summer to the fun and positive emotions in Business Proposal, here are some The ways Gen Z’s favorite Korean screen couples inspire are helping members start interesting conversations and make new connections with each other on Tinder.

Listening in Korean style

Opening words with simple sentences like “Hi em” or confessing “I like you” is still not impressive enough for Gen Z – a generation that always keeps up with trends, always attracting the opponent with sincerity. Your true self is always shown through every action.

For many people, director Kang Tae Mo in Business Proposal is a charming ideal type of boyfriend who melted the heart of his girlfriend Shin Ha-Ri. Inspired by the way director Kang Tae Mo likens his love to the limit of a bank card, Gen Z’s favorite lines these days are often inventive metaphorical puns used to Break the ice with your opponent on Tinder. With these romantic whispers, no matter how cold the person is, they will surely melt as soon as they hear these whispers:

– It’s raining, why haven’t you poured me yet?

– Let me order a glass of fresh milk with pearl sugar in your heart.

– Give me a glass of iced matcha drunk in your eyes.

– Appreciate your own weaknesses and turn them into a distinct advantage.

For young people, authenticity and personal identity are the first things they care about when connecting with new people. Just be yourself, always be honest and sincere, then surely somewhere someone will notice and appreciate the sincerity and difference inside you.

This is shown extremely gently and beautifully in the movie Our Beloved Summer, the “opposite” relationship between Choi Woong and Kook Yeon Soo as an inspirational message to help Gen Z receive value yourself and appreciate your differences.

For Gen Z, these deep self-perceptions have helped them bring out the most authentic aspects of each individual in a variety of ways, whether it be a favorite theme song on the Internet. Spotify has a lyrical, classic bolero style or even an extreme introduction that can show off both your strengths and weaknesses in a humorous way.

Women’s initiative

Taking the initiative in dating today is no longer for men. Nowadays, Gen Z girls are more assertive and proactive in finding their own happiness. That’s why the eldest sister Yeom Ki Jung in the movie “Liberation Notes” – a girl with a strong desire to find the true love of her life created a fever for her. with young Vietnamese. As a generation that is proactive in dating, Gen Z is inspired by how Yeom Ki Jung always strives to find every opportunity to meet her crush like giving gifts or giving lucky scratch cards. This is also a very subtle and ingenious way to give her a chance to start a conversation with her crush the next morning.

Instead of just sitting and waiting for someone to pass through their life, today’s young people actively seek and connect with their destiny through Tinder. In order to do that, the Korean film association has suggested to single members to experience the Discover feature on Tinder to connect with each other from a variety of interest options such as Film Lovers, Adventurers, etc. , Board sports, to a variety of dating goals such as Finding love, Coffee dating, etc.

Protect yourself from online acquaintances

Although Na Hee do (nickname Ryder37) and Ko Yurim (Injeolmi) in the series Twenty-five, twenty-one are soulmates online, they are rivals in real life. This is a very ironic situation when you don’t know who the other person really is and their authenticity. That is also the time when Gen Z young people are gradually becoming more aware of the importance of authenticity through stories on screen.

For Tinder members, detective skills and emotional acumen to find out and uncover their opponent’s authenticity have become part of Gen Z’s instincts. Tinder members can use safety features Get various safety tips before a face-to-face date like video call, report or read safe dating tips from Tinder’s Safety Center to protect your safety and have healthy online dating experiences strong when building new connections.

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