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Chrysanthemum hot pot is considered the secret of beauty care of Queen Tu Hy

Tu Hy Thai Queen (China) is young and beautiful thanks to a special chrysanthemum hot pot. And now in Vietnam, chrysanthemum hot pot, chrysanthemum vermicelli are attracting diners.

Chrysanthemum hot pot

During the Qing Dynasty, there was Empress Dowager Xu Xi famous for carefully eating, living lavishly and taking care of her face to maintain her beautiful beauty. Among the beauty secrets, there is a special chrysanthemum hot pot dish that detoxifies and keeps skin young and healthy.

In winter, the palace maids often pick fresh chrysanthemum flowers and sprinkle the petals into the boiling hot pot for her to enjoy with the use of helping people stay young forever. The emperors of the Qing dynasty also kept people’s body temperature by picking fresh chrysanthemum flowers and sprinkling the petals into a boiling hot pot.

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According to National Herbalist Nguyen Anh Dao (former doctor of Military Institute of Traditional Medicine), chrysanthemum flower is a herb with many effects, traditional medicine used as a traditional remedy, because of its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. bacteria, cure and prevent many diseases.

Chamomile helps the body stay healthy, purify toxins from the body, tonic blood, anti-aging, cool down, reduce blood pressure, lower heat, purify the body, sedation, overcome diabetes, increase longevity….

In Vietnam today, hot pot is very popular in winter because people are reunited and warm together.

The broth for making chrysanthemum hot pot is stewed from pork and chicken bones. Side dishes are sliced ​​chicken, fish…

Chrysanthemum flowers are washed and dried. When the broth boils, add it. Chrysanthemum hot pot has sweet broth, fragrant chrysanthemum.

How to make chrysanthemum hot pot

In the past, after slicing fish, people would take the bones and head of the fish and bring it to the broth. Then add chrysanthemums and goji berries to make the hot pot more attractive and healthier.

At present, the broth of chrysanthemum hot pot is made from chicken or pork bones stewed like regular hotpot. After buying bones, they will be processed and added ginger and onions to make the hot pot more fragrant.

As for chrysanthemums, after being washed and drained, they will be soaked with lemon juice to reduce the pungent intensity when dipping in hot pot. When eating, you will separate the petals and drop them into the hot pot.

However, each time you dip the hot pot, you should not add too many chrysanthemum flowers to avoid making the hot pot pungent and difficult to eat.

Chrysanthemum hot pot has a sweet and mild taste, so it is suitable for ingredients such as sliced ​​fish, chicken, shiitake mushrooms, tofu… all these fresh ingredients blend together to form a chrysanthemum hot pot dish. extremely nutritious.

Ripe chrysanthemum petals have a chewy taste and mild aroma combined with frugal vegetables or attractive sweet meat.

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Some western provinces of our country also have chrysanthemum hot pot similar to traditional Chinese chrysanthemum hot pot. However, the accompanying ingredients here usually include chicken gizzards, fish stomachs … and vegetables such as amaranth, cabbage, bean sprouts…

Chrysanthemum flowers put too much in the dish can have a strong smell, put in the dish is very recognizable. The chefs reduce the pungentness of the flowers by separating the petals, washing them, and soaking them with lemon juice before adding them to the dish to remove the pungent smell, and adding only a slight aroma to the dish.

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