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CO2 . monitoring drone

Deployed in the Gulf of Alaska this spring to discover new things about environment chemistry of the ocean in context Climate Changethis self-propelled device is specially designed to dive 1,000m deep and go to remote areas in the seabed.

Mr. Andrew McDonnell, a house Oceanography Once programmed, the device will move on its own according to navigation instructions, knowing when to sample, when to surface and send positioning signal to the ship to be salvaged. At the end of the journey, the 59kg device is pulled back onto the ship (pictured) and the sensor is removed.

The data is downloaded to the server to support the analysis. The sensor is 0.3m long, with a diameter of about 0.15m, like a lab in a pipeline, with pumps, valves and moving membranes to separate the gas from the seawater. The sensor will analyze the CO2, logging and data storage inside a temperature controlled system. Many components of the sensor use battery power.

This device is expected to bring an important step forward in monitoring greenhouse gas emissions in the ocean. To date, the measurement of CO . concentration2 – a method of quantifying ocean acidification – done mainly through ships, buoys and anchors that docked on the ocean floor.

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