Coach Gong Oh Kyun: “Vietnam U23 has not celebrated yet, because there are still matches ahead”

This is the match where U23 Vietnam changed half of the force in the starting lineup. Coach Gong Oh Kyun explained: “I have been thinking about the next matches. Before the match, I plan to use the appropriate personnel for the match against Malaysia U23. I have no special reason. The players are all physically fit and have good expertise, so I changed. Malaysia”.

Coach Gong Oh Kyun:

Mr. Gong Oh Kyun continued: “Really, the ability of Vietnam U23 players to attack is very good. I just guide them so they are proficient. I also don’t have any special training sessions. Now, “We will focus on recovery before thinking about the next move. I also asked the players what they want. They said they want to go to a higher level. I understand and take them to new challenges.”

The new U23 Vietnam head coach added: “This is the first victory of U23 Vietnam. We have reached the quarter-finals. I am very impressed with the students. Before this tournament, no one thought that U23 Vietnam Nam could have made it through the group stage, but now we did. I don’t have much credit. The result is the player’s merit. The coaching staff, the doctor helped the team. I appreciate them for it.”

Coach Gong Oh Kyun:

In the quarter-finals, U23 Vietnam as the second team of Group C will meet the first team of Group D (maybe Saudi Arabia or Japan). Coach Gong Oh Kyun said: “Every opponent is difficult. U23 Vietnam will not be easy to play against them. We will rest and prepare.”

Coach Gong Oh Kyun:

Midfielder Nguyen Hai Long, in his first appearance in the starting line-up, showed great efforts and was chosen by AFC as the Player of the Match. Speaking at the press conference after the match, Hai Long said: “I was quite surprised. I believe U23 Vietnam has many players who have played better than me. In this match, I didn’t score but the important thing is the whole team. won and moved on. That’s the most important thing. I would like to dedicate the victory to the fans from far away. We will fight hard for the next matches.”

“Personally, as well as the whole team, I am very happy to have reached the quarterfinals. U23 Vietnam will prepare and focus on the next match. Last time, I also experienced many challenges and rarely played. Now, coach Gong Oh Kyun has given me the opportunity to enter the main team. I understand that I will have to do my best to get the position for the next matches.”

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