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ColosCare Grow+ – “Truthful love” helps Nha Phuong take care of her children very well even though she is always busy

Life has changed since having a small family

Nha Phuong is known as a talented and beautiful actress, influential in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Especially after marrying artist Truong Giang and welcoming her first baby, her life is getting more and more attention.

In a recent video on her personal page, Nha Phuong shared that since Destiny was born, her family’s life has changed a lot.

Nha Phuong shares a lot of useful information about the secret to strengthening her child’s resistance

Due to the characteristics of the actor’s work, which are sets shot from early morning to late at night, every time a set is set, it is necessary to focus on playing the role fully, so Nha Phuong always has to take advantage of the rare rest time to Monitor your child’s condition. She confided: “There are days when baby Destiny is feverish, tired, refuses to eat, or days when the weather changes, when Phuong goes to work, her mind keeps thinking about her, worries and loves her child but still has to try to complete it for fear of affecting the team. .”

ColosCare Grow+ -

The specifics of her work make Nha Phuong very busy and have little time to spend with her children every day

Nha Phuong’s confession is the common feeling of many mothers. In her video, Nha Phuong also said that she often received many agreeing questions from the audience: “Why is my child so sick or difficult to take care of, Nha Phuong shows me a way” and then “What do you do? How can I take care of my children and still have time to work effectively?”… It is true that the journey of raising children has never been easy, especially at the time of changing seasons, children are very susceptible to illness. Fatigue and anorexia.

How to make her child always have enough necessary nutrients, have good resistance for daily activities is a question that took Nha Phuong a lot of time to find out and find the answer. The research process helps Nha Phuong understand that the reason why children often get sick and anorexic is because their children’s resistance is weak, unable to create a “shield” to protect themselves against bacteria. viruses, or other pathogens.

ColosCare Grow+ -

Nha Phuong spends a lot of time learning solutions to help her children get healthier every day

ColosCare Grow+ – The secret weapon to help Nha Phuong improve her child’s health

According to Nha Phuong, children have weak resistance often because the immune system has not fully developed, the resistance is even worse than that of adults. This is also the reason why children often suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory tract diseases, minor illnesses, etc. Therefore, Nha Phuong always wants her children to be healthy from the inside by focusing on strengthening the child’s resistance, Destiny. , to create an “armor” that protects children against pathogens. Talking about the time she started to become a mother, Nha Phuong said that she was overwhelmed by the many products on the market that support children’s resistance. However, she always considers what her priority needs are, thereby choosing the right product to meet her needs, not falling into multi-use products.

Through the introduction of an acquaintance, Nha Phuong knew the ColosCare product line of Nutricare company, which is very suitable for this stage of development of baby Destiny. She shared: “The first thing that impressed me was the outstandingly high colostrum content in ColosCare. Not to mention that ColosCare contains colostrum imported from the US, rich in IgG antibodies to help increase natural immunity. After researching and referring to the product lines of ColosCare, Nha Phuong decided to let Destiny use ColosCare Grow+ milk.

ColosCare Grow+ -

After researching, Nha Phuong decided to let baby Destiny use ColosCare Grow+

Nha Phuong shared, Baby Destiny loves to drink ColosCare Grow+ because of the fragrant vanilla scent, not too sweet and not easily bored like other milk lines. In the composition of ColosCare Grow+, colostrum supplement imported from the US contains IgG antibodies, Vitamin C, and Zinc to help strengthen the child’s resistance, support the child’s immune system, and protect the child from common bacterial infections. In addition, the trio of Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 and Calcium Nano contained in the product also support optimal height development in children. “After 2 months of use, I did not get sick, healthy and more than 2cm tall, very active in daily activities.” – Nha Phuong excitedly shared.

ColosCare Grow+ -

Nha Phuong shared, baby Destiny is no longer sick and has grown 2cm taller since using ColosCare Grow+

According to Nha Phuong’s research, ColosCare Grow+ also has familiar nutrients such as DHA, Choline to support brain development, and Taurine and Folic Acid to protect vision. More than 30 nutrients in ColosCare Grow+ meet the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, supporting the baby’s comprehensive development.

ColosCare Grow+ -

ColosCare Grow+ – Nutrition to help children have strong immunity and grow taller

Since having ColosCare Grow+, Destiny’s health has improved a lot, helping Nha Phuong to focus on work and feel more secure during business trips away from home. This is “sincerity” to help Nha Phuong take care of her children more leisurely, and balance well between work and daily life. “The journey of motherhood is not simple and still very long, but from now on, it will be more fun and meaningful when Phuong has a super powerful secret weapon – that is the companion ColosCare Grow+.” – Nha Phuong added.

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