Craving for a bowl of pho god

“Em and Trinh” is a film that has covered the newspapers in recent days, when its early screening received high praise from experts and audiences. The cast of famous and powerful actors: Meritorious Artist Tran Luc, People’s Artist Trong Trinh, Meritorious Artist Chieu Xuan with fresh faces like Lan Thy, Nhat Linh, Alvin Lu, Hoang Ha ….., melodious music evokes With emotional, dreamlike frames, director Phan Gia Nhat Linh continues to lead viewers from one emotional layer to another.

Playing the role of middle-aged Trinh Cong Son is Meritorious Artist Tran Luc, he admits that without “Em and Trinh”, this veteran actor would have retired from acting. For many years now, he has been working hard with the troupe LucTeam and completely away from the screen.

Tran Luc told the suffering of forcing weight to play Trinh Cong Son: Craving for a bowl of pho god - 1

Tran Luc went through a harsh weighing process.

An interesting thing is that despite having to squeeze weight and have a strict diet to play the role of middle-aged Trinh Cong Son, Tran Luc’s herniated disc disease has… disappeared. Tran Luc wittily recounted: “I was able to participate in telling the story of Mr. Son’s life (musician Trinh Cong Son) in his middle years, full of anxiety and deep contemplation about life. When I heard that there were 2 versions of the film, I was so happy. In this project, I am happy from the time of casting to typing these lines… So I will be able to watch it twice, once with the 95-minute version of the movie ‘Trinh Cong Son’ – about the youth of a scholar who follows the subject. romantic meaning, becoming a great musician, writing for the love and pain of humanity.

After being captivated by those moments, I will go over and watch the 136-minute version of ‘Em and Trinh’ – when Mr. Son is closer, more ‘life’, with passions, confusions, and delusions, suffering, and torment. trifles of a sentimental heart. After the first audition, director Phan Gia Nhat Linh called: Do you dare to play with me? I always answer: Play! Playing here is: Losing weight, creating a thin and slim figure like musician Trinh Cong Son”.

Tran Luc told the pain of forcing weight to play Trinh Cong Son: Craving for a bowl of pho god - 2

Tran Luc in shaping Trinh Cong Son.

It’s easy to say, but at Tran Luc’s age, losing nearly ten pounds to show the thin appearance of musician Trinh Cong Son is not a small challenge. Tran Luc has his own nutritionist to squeeze from 74 kg to 69 kg. “Every day I go to the gym and swim, I sweat like a bath… but I’m fine. When I went to Ho Chi Minh City to audition for the second time, everyone cheered because I was thin after a month. But the director was still cold: Again, go on. (meaning thinner) The director still hasn’t seen Trinh Cong Son’s figure because of my plump figure.I have to lose another 5 to 7 kg for the 3rd casting. The role is still waiting for me ahead. … and I focused full time to lose weight for the second time. This time in addition to sports, I also had to follow a diet to burn body fat.,” said the artist.

Tran Luc told the suffering of forcing weight to play Trinh Cong Son: Craving for a bowl of pho god - 3

Poster for the movie “Em and Trinh”.

After being introduced by the film crew to the number 1 nutritionist in Vietnam, Tran Luc followed a special diet. He only eats 2 meals a day 8 hours apart: skipping breakfast, eating the first meal at 11am, then fasting until 7pm for the second meal: “The menu includes a large plate of vegetables, lean or boiled meat, brown rice. Absolutely forbidden sweets, fatty foods such as buttermilk, fatty meat. It’s forbidden to drink alcohol, coffee… 16 hours later, you can’t eat anything, if you’re too hungry, drink water to soothe your gurgling stomach.

The first 3 days were too much. You imagine the habit of eating 3 main meals, 1 snack (late afternoon beer, 8-9 pm only eat rice) is now reversed. In the morning, I crave a bowl of pho or bread with butter and sausage, but I am completely exhausted. To forget breakfast, which has been a habit since my mother was born, I purposely woke up one late, brushed my teeth and washed my face slowly to buy time, to quickly reach 11 o’clock in the afternoon to eat meal 1.

In the afternoon, too, instead of beer and delicious sweet drinks, there is a large plate of vegetables, lean meat and brown rice. The night before going to bed, it takes a lot of effort to resist a decades-old habit: Eat a cake. To be honest, if I don’t have a purpose to act in a movie, I raise my hand to beg. After 2 weeks of eating vegetables and fruits and exercising (swimming, gym) surprisingly good results. Tears of joy: from 69 kg to 64 kg. Maintain the diet and exercise for another 2 weeks, closing 62 kg. I am noticeably thinner, my cheeks are sunken, my butt is sunken, I feel light, walking like flying. Losing weight so quickly, people who don’t know think I have a serious illness.

In addition to losing weight for the 3rd time, I had to learn to sing, review the guitar, learn to speak French, watch videos with Trinh Cong Son to practice voice… After the 3rd audition, the producer called: “Brother, I send it to you. I have emailed the contract to you, please read and give your opinion. The role of middle-aged artist Trinh Cong Son officially belongs to me”.

Tran Luc’s hard work has brought him “sweet fruit”. Director Phan Gia Nhat Linh recounted: “Even musician Duc Tri, who worked a lot with musician Trinh Cong Son, was surprised when Mr. Luc sang: ‘It’s like seeing Uncle Son in front of him’. Tran Luc is not only a professional actor, he also has the soul of an artist to give life to the character of musician Trinh Cong Son.

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