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Depp may not receive $ 10.35 million from Amber Heard

“Money is not Depp’s goal. He wanted to restore his reputation and did,” the lawyer shared.

Follow Daily Mailafter the defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard closed, the actor’s two lawyers, Camille Vasquez and Benjamin Chew, were sought after. Both were invited to participate in many talk shows of famous television stations and newspapers in the US.

Most recently, they appeared on the show Today, Good Morning America and give interviews in Law And Crime Network.

Lawyer Benjamin Chew shared that after winning the lawsuit, Johnny Depp was very happy. “He hasn’t laughed so much since the trial with Heard began.”the lawyer revealed.

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Depp may not receive damages from Heard. Photo: Getty/AP.

When asked about the compensation of more than $ 10 million from Heard, the lawyer suggested that Depp may not receive this amount. Mr. Chew said the actress could not afford to pay and plans to appeal.

“Money wasn’t Depp’s goal in pursuing the lawsuit. He wanted to restore his reputation and he’s done it.” shared by lawyers.

Discussing the reason why Depp won the case, lawyer Benjamin Chew said the actor was a straightforward and responsible person. This contrasts with Heard.

“Depp takes charge of his affairs. He’s forthright when it comes to alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or bad texts he’s written. I think that’s different from Heard. She has an answer for everyone. things and doesn’t seem to want to take responsibility for anything,” Mr. Chew acknowledged.

“The key to victory is to focus on facts, evidence, and Depp has the opportunity to tell the truth. He can connect with the jury, the public and tell what really happened. out”, attorney Camille Vasquez added.

Before that, the lawyer of Heart Elaine Bredehoft confirmed that the actress did not pay a fine of $ 10.35 million.

Lawyers revealed that Heard was having financial difficulties because he had to pay for legal costs related to the defamation lawsuit against Depp.

However, Amber Heard and her legal team still decided to appeal after losing to Johnny Depp in a defamation lawsuit.

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