Diep ‘Flavor of friendship’ announced to leave the social network: ‘I was exhausted’

On the fanpage on the evening of June 8, actress Anh Tuyet – who plays Diep of The taste of friendship Part 1 suddenly announced to stop all activities to treat mental health. She revealed that she will go to a place where there is no social network, no competition, no jealousy but only peace and joy.

“The past time I have come a long way, I tried my best, but now I am exhausted and cannot continue. I made many wrong decisions, things that made me ugly and not really my true self, unintentionally wrong with many people. I’m really sorry for making many people feel bad about me.

And the biggest thing is that I didn’t follow my heart, did things I didn’t like, made my mind so exhausted that I couldn’t continue to withstand the extreme pressure anymore. And if I keep trying, the mental pain will get worse and worse and I will never get over it. So I decided to stop, end all current negative sources. – Anh Tuyet wrote.

Diep 'Flavor of friendship' announced to leave the social network: 'I was exhausted' - 1

Actress Anh Tuyet.

Anh Tuyet affirms that this stop is the beginning of a new journey: “The journey back to listening to myself more, regaining new energy, determined to overcome mental weaknesses, so that when I come back, I will be strong, resilient and not afraid of anything in life. This life too. I accept walking slower, but this is the only way for me to help myself overcome difficulties.”

Answering VTC News, Anh Tuyet said that she will not use social networks at the moment. Therefore, in the short term, she is not ready to face the media and promises to share more when she comes back.

Anh Tuyet was born in 1996, graduated from Foreign Trade University, was once famous with the name “Snow Bit” and specializes in acting in comedy clips and music clips with millions of views on social networks.

In 2021, Anh Tuyet attracted attention when playing Diep – Phuong Nam’s sister (Phuong Oanh) in The taste of friendship. She appeared with a chubby appearance and an ugly, sloppy appearance. In order to transform into Diep, the actress actively forced herself to gain 8 kg even though the director did not ask, practicing suppressing her fear to try to raise a dog for the character’s breed. Anh Tuyet once shared, Diep is the role that brings the most challenges and almost turns her into a different person, surprising her family and friends.

Diep 'The taste of friendship' announced to leave the social network: 'I was exhausted' - 2

Anh Tuyet in “Flavor of Friendship”.

After the first part of the movie ended, Anh Tuyet tried to practice to lose nearly 10 kg in two months. However, in the second part, her role was suddenly replaced by actress Bich Ngoc, because Diep was placed in a situation where she had successful plastic surgery.

When she learned that she could not continue participating in the second part, Anh Tuyet burst into tears and did not believe this. She is sad because she can no longer continue to participate in the movie she is passionate about. However, for her, weight loss is still necessary even if the second part is played or not, because the change in appearance helps her become more confident in life and prepare for the next work.

The story of sacrificing appearance for the role of Anh Tuyet has inspired many young people and shows somewhat the effort and seriousness of the profession that the young actress has shown. After The taste of friendshipAnh Tuyet has no new projects. She used to participate in the program Road to the rainbow 2021 version looking for actors to try but not to go far.

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