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Dung is depressed because his father is about to marry a new wife

Dung (Hoang Long) has lived with his father since childhood, but because his father always only knows about work, he lives a lack of love and care. At the age of 18, he was still very impulsive and impulsive, Dung had trouble integrating with his friends in a new environment.

While playing a betting game with a friend, Dung had a disagreement when this loser refused to pay Dung but also demanded to “treat” nicely.

At this moment, a beautiful girl with personality suddenly appeared to demand justice for Dung. Although he did not know who this “big sister” was, Dung was very impressed by this heroic act.

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At school, Dung doesn’t get along well with anyone in the class. He only had two friends in the lower class. However, these two are also often bullied by other friends. Dung many times helped and released the siege for you.

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Seeing that Dung studied at the school for 5 months but was quite quiet and did not interact with people much, the homeroom teacher met him privately to ask. She wants Dung to live happily and in harmony with his friends more. If there is anything she wants to help, she is willing to connect to help him.

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With an impulsive and quite childish personality of adolescence, Dung once again encountered a disaster when he faced a physical education teacher in the school. Hoa is a very difficult person, famous in school. During the PE class, because his leg hurt, Dung did not run after his friends but stood still. At this time, Ms. Hoa thought Dung was trying to oppose her, so she refused to listen.

Although she explained, Ms. Hoa did not believe it, even thought that he was making an excuse: “Where is the habit of her saying that a student argues 10”.

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When she was misunderstood, Dung also expressed discomfort and said bad words about her, making Ms. Hoa extremely angry and decided not to teach Dung’s class anymore. She will talk to the homeroom teacher Dung.

Studying at school was inherently not smooth, and family affairs made Dung feel more depressed.

Dung has lived with his father since childhood. His father is a successful businessman, always busy with work. He always thought that as long as he loved and gave his children a lot of money, Dung would have a joyful and happy life.

Contrary to his father’s thoughts, Dung always felt a lack of family affection, so his psychology contained many abnormalities.

Especially when he saw that his father had a new lover and was looking to buy a house to prepare to live together, Dung felt even more lonely.

While he was sick and had to go to the doctor alone, his father was happily spending time with his new lover.

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Dung was sad but did not know who to confide in. The only person at this time Dung can share is Mr. Thanh (People’s Artist) Bui Bai Binh) – a retired official, decided to work as a motorbike taxi driver just to be less lonely in his cold relationship with his wife and son.

He was the one who often drove Dung to school. Ong Thanh not only cares about Dung but also other customers, he always helps wholeheartedly. That is also the joy in Mr. Thanh’s old age life.

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How will Dung’s life be disturbed when his family has a stepmother? Watch episode 2 Small way to life broadcast at 9pm on June 9 on channel VTV1.

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