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Experience a unique musical produced by gifted students Hanoi – Amsterdam

On the evening of June 7, 2022, the students Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted successfully held an impressive musical called “Hollow Sky Lantern” at the Military Theater, attracting the attention of hundreds of people in the capital. This is an annual activity of G’LAMS – a musical project organized by Art Village of Hanoi High School for the Gifted – Amsterdam, including three clubs: Glee Ams, Cheer Ams and Ams Photography Club.

Over many years of organization, G’LAMS has had the opportunity to stand on great stages such as the Opera House, the Palace of Culture, Labor and Friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union, the Tuoi Tre Theater with the support of 1000 spectators. each year. With an organizer of more than 100 high school students who share the same passion for art in Hanoi, ​G’LAMS is not only an enchanting beauty of youthful enthusiasm under the limelight, but also a spiritual dish not to be missed every summer for art lovers.

Following the great success from previous seasons, with musicals “Emily”, “FIA”, “Who Are You?”, “Eclipse”, “Yen Su”, “White Noise” and “White Noise” respectively. The day of the shadow of the moon”. The curtain of G’LAMS 2022 has officially been opened with the eighth musical – ​”Hollow sky lantern” with careful preparation from students in Hanoi city.

Experience a unique musical built by gifted students Hanoi - Amsterdam - Photo 1.

The play was performed by the students of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted

Returning to the steam era, the steampunk-style play “Hollow sky lantern” revolves around a mysterious case with a series of interspersed stories that have brought viewers many doubts and questions. Opening the play is the image of two little girls with dreams and ambitions. When Camilla wants to become a police officer to eliminate all crimes, Lana desires to work at Charlie’s research institute. Charlie is a tough guy, a perfectionist and also very conservative in his work. Years passed, with the development of modern steam-powered machines such as slimming machines, age-changing machines and countless other interesting products, which caused the institute to become entangled in rumors. Along with the presence of other characters such as the innocent Louis, the sleek casino owner Hendrick and the pho owner Kim, G’LAMS 2122: “The empty sky lantern” makes the audience curious with the thrilling cases. or “occupational accidents” to which the answer is revealed at the end of the play.

Experience a unique musical built by gifted students Hanoi - Amsterdam - Photo 2.

The musical has unique and attractive content

The musical was a great success thanks to the careful and meticulous preparation of each division over the past several months. The unique content is expressed through songs and choreography by the students themselves. That artistic party is also the perfect combination of bittersweet emotions and the gentle way of leading through each scene to make viewers fully understand the message that the play wants to convey. It is a lesson about youth who are enthusiastic but full of great aspirations. People should cherish and live every moment of life enthusiastically, from the smallest things to have no regrets.

The meticulousness in each stage of preparation, from lighting, sound, costumes to acting and dancing, contributed to creating a memorable performance. Eye-catching images, attractive sound and natural acting have created many resonances in the hearts of the audience. Once again, the art project G’LAMS has left a deep impression on the student forum in the broadway musical genre.

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