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Experts point out 8 mistakes parents often make in front of their children

Many parents believe that their children are still young and do not understand things, so they should act and say indiscriminately in front of their children. This greatly affects the psychology and development of children in the future. There are things parents can do but there are taboo things in front of their children that parents need to know.

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Educational psychologist Dr. Vu Viet Anh, General Director of Thanh Cong Academy, Hanoi.

According to Dr. Vu Viet Anh, General Director of Thanh Cong Academy (Hanoi), there are 8 mistakes parents make in front of their children, which greatly affect young children.

1. Quarrel

Arguments often have a very negative effect on children. If there is a conflict, parents should not argue in front of their children. The content of the argument and the attitude of both will hurt the child. Children are born mentally depressed, discouraged and tend to live negatively.

Not to mention, the image of the father or mother will be “deteriorated”, no longer an example of the child. This will make parenting difficult. Instead, parents can “handle the conflict” when there are no children at home or a place with just the two of them.

2. Swearing

This is a taboo thing that parents cannot do in front of their children. We surprise and scold our children rudely when they use abusive words to refer to another person without thinking that they are their own copy.

3. Using violence in front of your child

Violence in front of children is absolutely something to avoid. When parents have a conflict that leads to a fight for the child to see, it will unintentionally hurt the child. This heartbreak can follow the baby for the rest of his life. From there, a negative life attitude will form. More serious is the risk of facing depression in children. Stubborn, growing up children will form aggression, resolve conflicts by violence.

4. Compare and criticize your child in front of everyone

Every child is an individual and no child is perfect. Children can be very good at video games but do poorly at school, or they can study very well but have poor communication skills. What parents need to do is try to encourage the child to do what the child is weak and promote what the child has already done.

Criticizing the child in front of others only makes the child hurt, unruly, rebellious, rebellious if he is an adult, and self-deprecating when he is young.

5. Saying bad things about someone in front of you

Taking turns badmouthing, judging and criticizing someone in the presence of children is something that many Vietnamese parents do. This bad character will make children unknowingly affected and grow up with similar tendencies, only judging others in a negative perspective. Therefore, defaming others is one of the things parents should not do in front of their children.

Instead, parents should remember and think of good people and good deeds to be able to talk to each other in the presence of children. Complimenting or finding other people’s good things to say is also how to teach children smart. Because through that story, children will understand what is good and what is bad, helping them form the right lifestyle later.

6. Parents lie to each other or lie to others

Lying is the most common mistake Vietnamese parents make, especially in front of their children. If this is repeated, children will assume that lying is not bad at all, gradually forming lying in children. At first, lying to parents, then to everyone around. First lie about small things, then big things.

Therefore, parents should limit lying in front of their children. If you fall into a situation where you need to lie, you have to be very sensitive.

If lying is for the good of someone or something, parents must explain it to their children as soon as possible. Avoid letting your child understand that lying is obvious.

7. Talk about “private” things

Some parents think that primary school age children do not understand, so they can still talk about this issue in front of their children. However, they do not know that at this stage children have begun to understand and perceive problems through words.

Talking about “private” things in front of children will make them curious, easily tempted, and easily drawn into adult games when bad guys want to “sexually abuse” children.

Instead, parents should show their children how to protect themselves from vulnerable agents. Teach children to distinguish sex, distinguish good people from bad people, people should – should not be close in gestures and actions.

8. Calculate money in front of your child

Money is a delicate matter, but many parents overlook it. Parents criticize each other on how to spend money, how to earn money or use money to give to grandparents, bosses, to acquaintances… Calculating money in front of children makes children develop a character that values ​​money and becomes pragmatic. than.

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