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Faltu ka hero giri Amazing Funniest Video | BindasFunJoke | TO KID

Disclaimer:- This video is for entertainment purposes only. all of its characters and events are fictional. Just watch the video for fun. Hello dear viewers, we are making this video with some funny videos mixed with some comedy videos. This is Funny Village Videos, our funniest videos made with stupid thinking and boy stupidity. This video was created without a script. but we all make a video with scripting. This is a fun video channel. We make funny videos in our village. Because we live in the village. All videos are shot on the village side. sometimes we prank the public and our friends. This year we’re doing some silly videos, if you watch these videos I’m going to challenge you that you can’t stop your laughter. Sometimes we shoot some fun video clips with our friends. and prank the public for some time. Now we are trying to make the best funny and prank videos, but we still have some mistakes. This video is risk free. This video acts absolutely, no risk, no dangerous action, no bodily harm or death, it’s ok for viewers. Thank you #Faltukaherogiri #Funniest #JOICE


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