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Fans call for the dismissal of FAT President and Thailand U23 coach

In the last match with U23 Malaysia, U23 Vietnam with the advantage over the person won gently with a score of 2-0.

In the match taking place at the same time, U23 Thailand was pressed to the point of suffocation when the defending champion Korea U23 launched the strongest squad with the goal of 3 points. As a result, the Golden Temple team lost with the minimum score with the goal of Go Jae-hyeon (35′).

Thus, Group C ended with the leading position for Korea U23 with 7 points, U23 Vietnam ranked 2nd with 5 points. U23 Thailand and U23 Malaysia were eliminated with 3rd and 4th positions respectively.

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After witnessing the defeat of the home team, a series of Thai media spoke out to analyze the cause of the failure. Thai Rath newspaper re-stated the condition before the final match took place, U23 Thailand just need not lose to U23 Korea will have a ticket to continue. However, teachers and coaches Worrawoot Srimaka had to admit defeat, in that context, U23 Vietnam slightly won Malaysia, thereby sending the war elephants home early.

And Siamsport said that BHL changed the personnel adjustment in the starting lineup with the desire to draw, but could not help them avoid defeat against the defending champion. The disastrous defeat caused U23 Thailand to lose its quarter-final spot to rival U23 Vietnam, because the match at the same time saw a 2-0 result in favor of the red shirt team.

This newspaper further analyzed, “Despite trying very hard to play deep with the defensive formation, it was not possible to complete the goal and let Go Jae-hyeon concede a goal in the 35th minute. The minimum score helped Korea U23 got the goal and U23 Thailand was bitterly eliminated.

Thai fans call for the dismissal of FAT President and Thailand U23 coach - Photo 2.

The MGR Online newspaper recounted the process of U23 Thailand’s efforts, but they were still beaten by the defending champion. The final result was 1-0 in favor of the representative of Kim Chi country.

Meanwhile, Thai fans were angry and demanded the dismissal from the president of the Federation to the Thailand U23 coach. “Try to do something newer. Especially replace the Federation President”, account Parinya Kadeewee wrote, and received responses from hundreds of others.

“Let’s go home and play ping-pong. Call players from all over the world and use local coaches. What can we do? We can only sit and watch Vietnam and get dizzy.” @Benja Phumwat comment.

“The poor federation uses an incompetent coach. If it is in the hands of someone else, this group of young players can completely make a difference.” Tum Liver users confirm.

“Since this president took power, I haven’t seen anything bright. Thai football is going downhill.” @Dao Sangdao comment. “If you still want people to respect you, resign.”

Obviously, we can see the anger and despair of Thai NHM when continuously failing at the past tournaments. This is also understandable when Thai football has invested a lot in the past time, especially calling many naturalized players and playing abroad but still unsuccessful.

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