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From 10 billion watches to hundreds of billions of real estate

Collection of brands of the super rich: From watches of 10 billion to real estate hundreds of billion - 1

Super awesome collections

The elite always have a special way to express their interests, famous in the world for the collection of 7,000 supercars with a total value of nearly 5 billion USD of the Sultan of Brunei, a collection of extremely high heels. of female billionaire Daphne Guinness (Ireland), the world’s largest collection of Hermes handbags with up to 200 pieces by Jamie Chua (Singapore) or a super special real estate collection in countries, including An entire island in Hawaii owned by the world’s 5th richest man – Larry Ellison.

In the past 5 years, Vietnam is considered one of the countries with the fastest increase in the number of rich people in the world. The Vietnamese super-rich also “spend” equally in owning luxury products ranging from watch collections of tens of billions of dong, limited edition supercars to diamond and luxury toys…

Collection of brands of the super rich: From watches of 10 billion to real estate hundreds of billion - 2

Many people find out and are curious: are the super-rich just collecting luxury goods because of their passion, because they don’t know where to spend their money or are they just trying to prove themselves to the public?

Luxury hobby or smart investment channel?

Many people believe that when they have a lot of money, they don’t have to think about spending and the elite are comfortable splurging on luxury brands simply because they like and satisfy their “show off”.

However, for the super-rich, who already understand how the laws of money work, they always know how to spend wisely, or in other words, optimize spending as an investment to get richer. More than anyone, the super-rich understand the exclusivity and scarcity of a branded product. If you know how to spend it at the right time and in the right place, the value of a brand name will increase faster than any other asset investment channel. .

Collection of brands of the super rich: From watches of 10 billion to real estate hundreds of billion - 3

Most recently, a TikToker revealed 2 items that she spent hundreds of millions to own in 2021, the value of which has increased by 200% by early 2022, which is a Patek Philippe watch and a Chanel handbag. According to this TikToker, in 2021, the Patek Philippe watch has a selling price of $50,000 at the company, but after only one year, its watch has increased to $ 112,000, even $ 150,000. According to research, inherently the watches of this company are limited in number at launch and will stop production after being offered for sale, within 1 year the models will increase in price quickly and will increase faster in about 5 years. -10 years later.

There is a reason why branded goods are always expensive but always bring added value over time, the true value of branded goods has never been determined by the selling price, but by its intangible value. limited quantity, meticulous in design, symbolism for a global brand, meticulous in production.

From sophisticated consumption, to the need to “stay” in luxury brands

It can be seen that not only understanding the uniqueness, scarcity and added value over time, the collection of luxury brands for the upper class also provides a comprehensive experience, opening up opportunities to interact with others. community at the same level. Therefore, it is not strange to explain that besides owning watches, bags, supercars, yachts, private helicopters… today’s elite are willing to spend millions of dollars owning worthy branded real estate. .

Collection of brands of the super rich: From watches of 10 billion to real estate hundreds of billion - 4

Branded living space brings a comprehensive experience for the super rich

Many famous names in the world are encroaching on the development of luxury real estate, from brands in the hotel industry (hoteliers) to fashion brands (non-hoteliers) and all have made a brilliant mark. . Typically, the legendary brand in the hotel management industry Ritz-Carlton, each project is developed and applied global standards from the design consultation to construction stage, creating the highest quality and value. Highest living value for customers. At the same time, the class comes from scarcity, except for the US market, each city in the world, if any, has only one Ritz-Carlton branded real estate project at the most expensive central location, including Hanoi, Vietnam.

According to the latest report of Knight Frank, Vietnam currently has a significant increase in the super-rich class, so even though it has just appeared, luxury real estate has quickly been “hunted” and has room for development. more. Most recently, the world-class Haute Couture fashion brand Elie Saab has brought its name and brand name non-hoteliers real estate to Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City – the leading economic center in Vietnam – with the luxury villa project The Rivus.

It is known that each mansion in The Rivus has an investment cost of up to 100 billion VND and has a limited number of only 121 units in Vietnam. Not only owning a living space, each owner also owns a work of art with added value over time, as well as other rare branded collections.

Find out more about The Rivus mansion at this

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