Gong Oh-kyun’s mark and undefeated record

Not appreciated before the Asian U23 tournament, but U23 Vietnam played well when winning 5 points from 3 matches, thereby passing the group stage with second place. Coach Gong Oh-kyun’s teachers and students are leaving an impression both in terms of results and gameplay, even though they have to face many strong opponents such as Korea U23 or Thailand U23.

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With 1 win and 2 draws, U23 Vietnam became the first Southeast Asian team to pass the Asian U23 group stage with an undefeated record.

Before the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, no Southeast Asian team had entered the quarterfinals with an unbeaten record in the group stage. U23 Vietnam, U23 Malaysia and U23 Thailand all entered the quarterfinals of past tournaments with 4 points.

In the Asian U23 tournaments held in 2013 and 2016, the Southeast Asian representatives did not pass the group stage. In 2018, U23 Vietnam and U23 Malaysia entered the quarterfinals but both lost a match in the group stage. Similarly, U23 Thailand also reached the quarter-finals of U23 Asia 2020 with 1 defeat in the group stage.

Highlights of U23 Vietnam in the group stage: Gong Oh-kyun's mark and unbeaten record - 1

U23 Vietnam is unbeaten in the group stage.

Meanwhile, U23 Vietnam entered the quarterfinals of U23 Asia with 3 matches without losing. Adjective AFC U23 qualifier 2022 Up to now, U23 Vietnam is on a 15-match unbeaten streak, including 2 matches in the qualifying round, 4 matches in the Southeast Asian U23 tournament, 6 matches at the 31st SEA Games and 3 matches in the Asian U23 tournament.

Although U23 Vietnam attended these playgrounds with different formations, the teams basically played very stably and improved each match. The 5 points won is also the best achievement achieved by U23 Vietnam in the group stage of U23 Asia after 4 times participating, 1 point more than the U23 team of Coach Park Hang Seo in 2018.

Imprint Gong Oh-kyun

Only about half a month of working with the U23 backup team (including players who are not allowed to attend the 31st SEA Games, but on the list of ready to replace if the main team player has COVID-19), and about a week of matchmaking. before the Asian U23 tournament, but coach Gong Oh-kyun created a new wind in terms of gameplay, personnel and competitive spirit.

The diagram of 4 defenders, the typical approach of the young team to the fierce match but still based on a solid defensive foundation, and the confidence of the U23 players in Vietnam show that Coach Gong Oh-kyun has done it. get a lot.

The former Korean U20 assistant boldly changed the familiar playing style of the player, but still well inherited the defensive foundation left by Coach Park Hang Seo.

Coach Gong Oh-kyun always motivates his students with positive energy. He claimed “can win 3 points against Korea U23” to show his faith in his students, but also knows how to keep the player’s feet on the ground when asserting “Vietnam U23 is not yet time to celebrate”.

Highlights of U23 Vietnam in the group stage: Gong Oh-kyun's mark and unbeaten record - 2

Coach Gong Oh-kyun always brings optimism.

The calmness mixed with boldness in the coaching style of Gong Oh-kyun is creating a colorful and variable U23 Vietnam team. Mr. Gong’s team can progress beyond the quarterfinals in this year’s tournament if they continue to play properly.

Left wing “explosion point”

All 5 goals scored by Vietnam U23 in the group stage came from situations of organizing attacks in the left wing corridor.

In particular, defender Phan Tuan Tai imprinted his shoes on the first 3 goals, with 1 goal and 2 assists. The player playing for Dak Lak club shot from afar to hit Thailand’s U23 net, before providing an assist for Nguyen Van Tung and Vu Tien Long to score.

When Tuan Tai did not speak in the match against U23 Malaysia, the left wing still became the “explosive point” of U23 Vietnam thanks to Nguyen Thanh Nhan. Players on the payroll HAGL accurately cross the ball for Nham Manh Dung to head the net of Malaysia U23.

In the second table, Manh Dung’s block created an opportunity for Dung Quang Nho to come down from the left wing. Defender Malaysia U23 then used his hand to block the ball and left the field with a red card.

In the context that it is not possible to build a smooth play for Vietnam U23, coach Gong Oh-kyun is making good use of the ability of the wingers.

Highlights of Vietnam U23 in the group stage: Gong Oh-kyun's mark and unbeaten record - 3

Thanh Nhan (No. 19) has 1 assist to create a table.

The focus on side kicks helps U23 Vietnam reduce risks, as well as save time forming coordinated pieces compared to attacking the middle. The right wing of the team, although not having as good offensive performance as the left wing, is also very good at defending.

Forming a half skeleton

U23 Vietnam has constantly shuffled the squad in recent times, but the team’s playing framework has basically been formed.

Goalkeeper Quan Van Chuan kept the goal, the four defenders Tuan Tai, Bui Hoang Viet Anh, Nguyen Thanh Binh and Tien Long were trusted. On the front line, an impressive performance against Malaysia U23 helped Manh Dung secure the main kick.

Coach Gong Oh-kyun’s hesitation is mainly in the midfield, where he has many good players in his hands, but no outstanding name has popped up to be selected as the main kick. In the match against Malaysia U23, Tran Van Cong replaced Luong Duy Cuong in the defensive midfielder position, but there were 4 fouls in the first half and was withdrawn early.

Thanh Nhan has 1 assist line, but has not yet surpassed Khuat Van Khang and Nguyen Van Truong. Similar is the case of Quang Nho and Huynh Cong To.

The competition in midfield will be fierce in the next few days, when coach Gong Oh-kyun no longer has time to experiment, but is forced to use the best factors.

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