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Governor explains the monopoly of the national gold bar brand


Lo 2 million billion dong of interest rate compensation loans ‘poured’ into risky areas

Mr. Hoang Van Cuong, member of the Finance and Budget Committee questioned about the banking industry’s support package of 2% loan interest rate worth about 40,000 billion VND. That is, about 2 million billion VND will be disbursed from this loan program. He asked about solutions to control this capital flow, preventing it from entering risky areas.

He also wants to know if the State Bank has any solutions for businesses with old debts, currently unsecured, but with good business plans, belonging to the group that need to be restored… to access the package. this interest subsidy subsidy.

After explaining, Governor Nguyen Thi Hong explained that the 2% interest rate support package was given by the people to design regulations to ensure favorable implementation and limit difficulties, the Government, the State Bank, Ministries and sectors have held many meetings.

There are two groups of borrowers: one is enterprises and organizations in a number of industries and fields according to Decree 27 of the Government. The second is the object that needs to borrow social housing, housing for workers…

Related ministries and branches participate in the final settlement, and the State Audit will participate before the Finance Ministry finalizes this loan.

Enterprises have old debts, currently unsecured, can anyone access this support package? According to Ms. Hong, this support loan package is part of the economic recovery and development program, so it must be an enterprise that is able to repay and recover. The State Bank requires banks to lend to the right subjects. That is, even in the industry or field that can borrow, but that business will not be able to borrow if it is not able to repay and recover. This is to ensure capital flows to the right audience.

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