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Greening the personal page with extremely “burning” photos in the overwhelmingly beautiful seas in Vietnam: Summer is here, let’s go!

Summer has officially arrived, the first rains of the season have passed and the sun has begun to shine. This is considered a “golden” time to start sea trips. Yellow sunshine, blue sky, white clouds floating, sea a blue color, dry weather, suitable for both swimming and fun activities, exploring.

Which beach do you want to go to this summer? Ninh Van Bay is green and modern, Con Dao has fresh air or Cat Ba is nestled behind a rocky bay. Of course, every place has its own beauty to urge the “crazy feet” to come. And if you are still looking for a beach to enjoy the summer, you can check out the list below, make sure you just want to go.

Ninh Van Bay – peaceful paradise in Khanh Hoa

Located about 60km from Nha Trang city, Ninh Van Bay is almost completely separate from the hustle and bustle outside. This place is honored by tourists as the most beautiful bay in Nha Trang. Over the years, many Vbiz stars, as well as influential people in Vietnam, have continuously visited Ninh Van to travel.

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Photo: @kimberly.pham.xx, @3.tanyaa

The scenery of Ninh Vinh Bay will surely surprise many people because it is overwhelmingly beautiful. The beach is clear blue, see through to the bottom, surrounded by mountains and forests. Coming here, you can immerse yourself in the cool water or participate in activities such as diving, watching coral, surfing, rowing SUP, etc. In addition, there are also high-class resorts for you to enjoy a peaceful vacation. .

Photo: @baothy.tran, @m1cj00ng, @gody_travel, @lythanhco

Nam Du Island – the archipelago is likened to “Vietnamese Maldives” in Kien Giang

Nam Du Island is a place that has never ceased to be hot on the tourist map because of the convergence of all factors: super beautiful scenery, delicious food, low cost. For those who like to immerse themselves in nature, Nam Du will be “true love”, because this archipelago is still unspoiled. Coming here, you can not only immerse yourself in the blue water but also participate in many other interesting activities. For example, enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and sky at Nam Du lighthouse, “live virtual” at Hon Dau or go to Hon Mau to scuba dive to see corals. Besides, the climate here is also very fresh, so Nam Du is really a reasonable choice for you to enjoy the summer.

Photo: @nhminh1997, @ntpn_xx, @daphwng._, @susubona

Cu Lao Cham – “blue pearl” of Quang Nam

Belonging to Tan Hiep island commune, Cu Lao Cham has a wild, clear and unexplored beauty. It was once recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. Although small, in Cu Lao Cham, there are seven beautiful beaches with white sand, clear water and coconut trees running along the coast. Not only that, this place also has a “paradise” of fresh seafood waiting for you to come to the “cup” and dozens of thrilling games on the sea such as canoes to pull parachutes, canoes to pull banana floats, and ride motorbikes. water, … very attractive.

Photo: @thienhang.dino, @thg.ahh, @trucanhdesu

Con Dao – a name that has never ceased to be hot in Vung Tau

There is no need to introduce much because Con Dao is so famous for its long green beaches or fine, beautiful white sand “forgetting the way home”. In addition, the air here is always fresh, like a resort paradise, so great for those who are looking for a place to escape the heat and “escape” from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Photo: @trucvyiiiiii, @sammmle, @huongg.9, @mimichan______

After swimming in the sea, you can organize a seafood BBQ right on the beach. If you’re feeling more adventurous, go snorkeling and watch turtles lay eggs. Don’t forget to take a few photos with the natural background of the sea and the sky. An interesting point that only Con Dao has is the moment a passenger plane from the mainland lands close to Dam Trau beach, now you should take advantage of creating many poses and photos with the plane. Near the spray, behind is the immense sea of ​​mountains, guaranteed to have a terrible interaction.

Photo: @_linlin, @caophuongthang, @camiebycann

Phu Quy Island – a breathtakingly beautiful island in Binh Thuan

Phu Quy is a small island 120km from the mainland, because it has only been known by more people in recent times, the island is still unspoiled, all landscapes are the most natural. The emerald green water, clear, showing the rocks and pebbles lying on the bottom is one of the attractions in Phu Quy. In addition to swimming, you can go to explore Hon Tranh, Lake Wheel, watch the sunset on Trieu Duong Bay or eat some seafood in Be Village. If you want to check-in, then go straight to Phot slope – a very “genuine” sea view, no different from Korea.

Photo: @thuyyphan, @thaoquyetlinh, @anniie____, @mo.dilac, @lee.halinh

Rai Cave – Ninh Thuan’s natural treasure

Possessing a majestic natural scenery with a terrain of waterfalls pouring into the sea with 1-0-2, plus eye-catching blue coast, this place promises to be a “golden” destination for those who are passionate about exploring. In addition to the attractiveness of the landscape, Hang Rai also has two large ecological lakes to protect turtles and some rare marine animals. There are not many beaches like other tourist destinations, but in Hang Rai, you can drop yourself into the clear blue water pools to relax. These water tanks are created by the erosion of wind and sea water, in hot weather, the water in the tank will be even cooler.

Photo: @khin, @ngoclittle18, @huongpenny

Cat Ba – “the pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin” is located right in Hai Phong

Dubbed the “pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin”, Cat Ba Island with clear blue water, is extremely suitable for you to “send” your summer. Coming to Cat Ba Island, do not miss interesting experiences such as kayaking through caves and panoramic views of Cat Ba on the 1500m high Cannon Fort. In addition, Cat Ba also owns three beautiful beaches for you to enjoy soaking in the cool water.

Photo: @thaophuongdang.0511, @thuuha, @b.thijn, @bizarrefayeie

Now, choose a beach you like and pack your bags!

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