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Hai Phong’s “exclusive” spice, every dish must be added to prepare the port land

In recent years, young people often visit Hai Phong to conduct a “food tour” with attractive specialties such as crab cakes, spicy bread, dumplings, spicy fish noodles, seafood of all kinds… And many people must also wonder, why is it better to dip spicy bread into chili sauce in Hai Phong than other normal chili sauces? Or what makes the taste unforgettable when enjoying Hai Phong crab rice paper? All because the chili sauce in Hai Phong is made with a special, “exclusive” recipe and is called by its own name: Chi Chuong.

Hai Phong's

Chi Chuong is a local word of Hai Phong people. Many people think that Chi Chua is simply a type of chili sauce, but Chi Chuong is thicker, more spicy, more fragrant than normal chili sauce.

When asked about the origin of this name, many people explained that the name comes from Chinese people. Because people of Chinese origin in Hai Phong are used to calling them, everyone also calls them that. The Chinese transliteration of chili sauce is Zhī jiāng (read: Chiu Chuong).

Ingredients for making chicha include seedless chili, seedless fresh tomatoes, minced garlic, a little salt and fermented according to a special recipe. Chi Chuong meeting quality standards must be delicious, dense, pungent with eye-catching bright red color.

Hai Phong's

Appearing for a long time, chi chapter is associated with the culinary culture of Hai Phong people. Most of the dishes of the port land must have a new chapter to highlight the delicious and spicy taste. Chi Chuong is used for spicy bread, crab cakes or seafood dishes such as clams, oysters, oysters, etc.

Hai Phong crab rice paper is standard, it takes a few slices of fresh chili or a little bit of chili to have the full flavor. When enjoying crab cakes, diners can both feel the rich taste of the broth, a little sourness of kumquats, and a little bit of numbness on the tip of the tongue from the spicy taste of the chili.

Normally, if you enjoy crab cakes in Hai Phong, you can hardly come across other common chili sauces on the market. The shop owners all use chi chuong made with heirloom recipes instead of ready-made chili sauce. The flavor helps the bowl of crab cakes become more delicious and attractive than ever.

Hai Phong's

Hai Phong baguettes are also especially delicious thanks to their special taste. This can be said to be the best combination of the chapter. Bread sticks are only best when they are dipped with lice. The aroma and salty taste of pate, the crispy crust of the bread, dipped in spicy, fragrant, and sour flavors create a specialty of Hai Phong that any visitor buys dozens of pieces to bring home. . When buying, remember to tell the shop owner to give a few more bags of zhanghai so that they can be thoroughly soaked, because the bread sticks that are dipped with other chili sauces can’t be as delicious, completely losing the taste of the specialty. this.

If you are already in love with this unique spice, you can buy it from spicy bread shops, some supermarkets or order online.

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