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Heavy rain in Hunan, China: 10 dead, emergency response starts

Heavy rain in Hunan, China: 10 people died, emergency response was launched - Photo 1.

River water rose in Jishu city, Hunan province, central China on May 10, 2022 when the province received heavy rain – Photo: VCG

The Hunan provincial government said a total of 1.79 million people in the province have been affected by heavy rains since June 1. About 286,000 people in the province were evacuated.

Rainfall in Hunan province has increased by more than 20% this year compared to the average since entering the flood season, especially since May 28, twice as high as in previous years. Heavy rains have affected almost the whole province.

As of June 8, with direct economic losses amounting to more than 4 billion yuan (about 600 million USD), heavy rains have severely damaged the homes of 1,195 households and a large number of businesses. agricultural and industrial infrastructure, including arable land, reservoirs, highways, power supply and irrigation facilities in Hunan.

Hunan province launched an emergency response for disaster relief on June 2 and has delivered tents, beds and other supplies to affected areas.

As of early this week, more than 800,000 people in dozens of counties in eastern China’s Jiangxi province have also been affected by torrential downpours and recent rain-induced flooding.

On June 8, the Central Weather Bureau of China issued a storm warning, according to which heavy rain is forecast in Jiangxi and Fujian provinces (eastern China), Sichuan province, Chongqing city, and the city of Chongqing. Khanh and Yunnan province (west China) as well as Guangdong province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (south China), accompanied by thunderstorms and strong winds.

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