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Hmong maternity husband tells about his wife’s birth on the road

Ha Ba Di and her husband (SN 1992, residing in Tien Tieu village, Nam Can border commune, Ky Son district, Nghe An) and Xong Y Bi (SN 1990) have two children, born in 2011 and 2015.

In 2021, the aunt and her husband went to Binh Phuoc to shave rubber, but the Covid-19 epidemic caused them to have no job. When the group of people crowded back to their hometown, Xong Y Bi needed to be elected, Ha Ba Di did not dare to take the risk to ride a motorbike like everyone else.

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Health workers in Nam Can commune support people to give birth on the side of the road (Photo: Vi Loan).

In early January 2022, when there was only one month left until the Lunar New Year, the epidemic situation stabilized, the couple dared to return to their hometown. In the village, Xong Y Bi also does not get regular prenatal check-ups. The only visit was at the time of pregnancy more than 7 months.

“At that time, the doctor said the baby was 2.5kg. Early in the afternoon of June 5, the wife started showing signs of labor. The previous two times, both gave birth at home, the midwives helped deliver, this time the belly. It’s too big, the baby must be big, it’s not safe to give birth at home, so it’s safe to take it to a doctor,” Ho Ba Di said.

From Tien Tieu village, her aunt took her wife by motorbike to the commune health station but at noon, seeing no one, not knowing who to call, the husband decided to take his wife to the district hospital. Thinking that she was born at the station, she would call her family to bring her belongings if she had anything, so the aunt and her husband couldn’t prepare anything.

However, to the area of ​​Nong De village, Xong Y Bi was in so much pain that he couldn’t move anymore, so the couple had to get off the car, sit on the side of the road, wait for the situation to get better, then move on.

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The baby boy was born healthy and safe thanks to the timely support of the police and health workers in Nam Can commune (Photo: Vi An).

The labor pains came more intense. The road is empty. It is known that the wife gave birth for the third time, but Auntie did not know how to manage, nor did she know where to call for help, so she had to call home and call her mother to help. It’s about 10 kilometers from my house to here. Ha Ba Di impatiently helped her wife sit down on the sunny side of the road waiting for her mother to come. Sometimes, the pain in the throat makes Xong Y Bi sweat, click on Auntie’s arm painfully.

“At that time, a brother passed by, saw the couple, so he stopped the car to ask. I told his wife that she was about to give birth, and she couldn’t get to the hospital in time.

He made a phone call to the Health Station, and then made a few more calls. While waiting for the medical station to arrive, the sworn sister in the same village passed by, along with the other brother to help the couple,” said Ha Ba Di, not knowing that the man was Lieutenant Luong Van Thach, an officer of the Public Security Bureau. Nam Can Commune Security.

Major Hoa Van Nghe – Chief of the Nam Can Commune Police said: “About 14 o’clock, comrade Thach called to report a case of a pregnant woman reincarnating right on the street. Thach has no wife, these things are not well known, keep urging “you come down here to help me, I don’t know what to do”.

At that time, I was on an important mission, could not move to the scene 15km away, so I encouraged “I try to stay calm and support people as much as I can while waiting for the medical station to arrive”.

Hmong maternity husband tells about his wife's birth on the road - 3

A Hmong boy was born on the side of the road, in the loving arms of everyone (Photo: LT).

Moments later, two medical staff arrived and delivered Xong Y Bi’s birth right by the roadside. Ms. Vi Thi Loan, an officer of Nam Can Medical Station, said: “Receiving the phone call for support, we only had time to get the most necessary items and then rushed to the motorbike and ran to the place where the pregnant woman was waiting. With the support of passersby, we welcomed a healthy and safe baby boy”.

When the medical staff finished delivering the baby, the family of Mr. Ho Ba Di arrived. The health of the mother and baby is stable, there are no abnormal signs, so the family decided to take her home for care.

“At that time, without the policeman calling for help, I didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, the medical station staff and my sister supported me in time, so my wife gave birth smoothly. The baby was “born” between sugary but healthy, suckling well”, Ho Ba Di said and said that he has not yet found a suitable name to give his son to celebrate this memorable event.

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