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Honda Super Cub C125 offers more than 200 million VND

According to a reporter’s survey, the Honda Super Cub C125 model is currently being sold by dealers at extremely high prices.

Specifically, the matte black Super Cub C125 is currently priced at nearly 160 million VND, a difference of more than 70 million VND compared to the listed price of the company. Even at some dealers, this version is sold for up to 190 million VND, higher than the high-end Honda SH scooter.

Not only that, taking advantage of the number of Honda Super Cub C125 cars at the dealer is quite small, only 1-2 units, so car dealers have ordered cars from genuine Honda before and sold them for more than 200 million VND. Compared to the listed price of 87.99 million VND, the current price of the car is about 112 million VND higher.

Honda Super Cub C125 offers more than 200 million - Photo 1.

In the same situation, the standard Super Cub C125 is also costing tens of millions of dong at the dealer. Accordingly, the standard version of this car is being sold at a price ranging from 120-130 million VND, about 34-44.2 million VND higher than the listed price.

Many dealers said that the reason for the huge price tag on the Honda Super Cub C125 is because the number of cars is not much and the rumor that the Honda Super Cub C125 will no longer be produced in the near future, leading to many people rushing to go. buy a car.

Honda Super Cub C125 is currently Honda’s highest priced digital car in Vietnam market. Before being officially distributed in the Vietnamese market, Honda Super Cub C125 was imported CBU from Thailand. Honda Super Cub C125 Vietnamese version is not too different from the previous Thai imported version

The vehicle has overall dimensions of length, width, height 1,910 x 718 x 1,002 (mm), seat height 780 mm, ground clearance 136 mm. Equipped with full LED lights, using smart locks instead of traditional mechanical locks with 3 functions: anti-theft warning, smart vehicle locating and starting the electric system. 17-inch die-cast aluminum rims with front disc brakes.

The power of the car comes from a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine with a capacity of 124cc, air-cooled, electronic fuel injection, meeting Euro 5 emission standards. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 9.65 hp at 7,500 rpm, maximum torque of 10.4 Nm at 6,250 rpm. 4-speed circular transmission with chain drive system. Fuel consumption is at 1.5 liters per 100 km as announced by the manufacturer.

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