‘I don’t understand why the referee showed the red card’

I don’t understand why the referee showed the red card in that situation. I’ll watch this match video again“, coach Brad Maloney shared after the 0-2 loss of Malaysia U23 against U23 Vietnam.

Like the previous two matches, U23 Malaysia entered quite well in the first 20 minutes against U23 Vietnam. However, after conceding a goal from Nham Manh Dung’s close-range header, coach Brad Maloney’s students began to lose the game.

Video: Bui Hoang Viet Anh’s goal on the 11m mark

Malaysia U23 was then awarded a penalty in the 6th minute of injury time in the first half. After Manh Dung’s wall, Dung Quang Nho entered the penalty area, causing Hairiey Hakim to be out of the way to block the ball with his hand.

The referee took up to 6 minutes to consult the VAR and check the slow-motion tape, before giving Hakim a red card and disqualifying Hakim. U23 Vietnam fruit 11m. According to coach Maloney, it is an unconvincing decision, but he will review the video tape to have a final conclusion.

U23 Malaysia is expected a lot in the Asian U23 tournament, but after 3 matches, Maloney’s students all lost, conceding 9 goals. At the 31st SEA Games, Malaysia U23 also lost in the bronze medal match, only finishing fourth in the final.

We have just come back from SEA Games so the players have been exhausted for 6 weeks, so all the players are not in their best condition.“, Coach Maloney shared.

The defeat of U23 Malaysia made the chair of coach Maloney shaken. Most likely next week, he will be sacked by the Malaysian Football Federation.

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