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“I have a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t have dreams but…”

“What are your dream?” – If you ask this question to any young person, the answer will be all beautiful dreams. Some people will say that they want to have a successful career in an expensive city, many people expect a billion-dollar car, or simply, to live peacefully with their loved ones.

From another angle, have you ever seriously thought about how if you asked your mother this question, how would she answer it? I used to have a young girl with many ambitions, but when my youth is over, now I am busy with the flow of time and worries.

“Do you have a dream?” – This is also one of the first questions in the picture heart letter caused a storm by a student in the highlands sent to his mother. After asking her mother for a long time, this student discovered that her mother did not have a dream, because all her thoughts were placed on her children.

A letter from a poor student to his mother caused a storm on social media: I have a mother at home, she has no dreams but... - Photo 1.

Text of the student’s letter to his mother:

What does a mother do with a dream?

Have you ever wondered what your mother’s dream is? Are you curious what your mother wants most? Does your mother have a dream?

Young people like us always allow ourselves to have a lot of dreams, about success, about cars and beautiful houses. With a dream, there is ambition. Because of ambition, we leave home and go to the city to look for opportunities. It’s not certain that it can be achieved, but one thing I do know: Having a stay-at-home mom with no dreams.

A letter from a poor student to his mother caused a storm on social media: I have a mother at home, she has no dreams but... - Photo 2.

A text message from a student asking about her mother’s dream. Accordingly, I said that my dream is simply to want you to become a good person

My mother, a woman who could not read or write for more than half of her life, was used to planting rice with her hands and used to climbing hills to the fields. About 3 years ago, there was an illiteracy eradication class taught by teachers in the village, my mother registered to participate. Thanks to that, my mother now knows how to practice on Zalo, the day I saw her send the first messages, I was very happy. The mother’s message line may be unsigned, it may be misspelled, it may take a long time to get one, but it is really great in the hearts of the children.

I asked my mother: “What is your mother’s dream?”, my mother did not understand that question, it seems that she has never heard this sentence, I have to try to explain it for a while. But going around and around my mother had no answer, it was all just “I hope you…” became something. After a long time, I realized that my mother did not have a dream, her dream was in her dead children. That’s right, a mother does not have a dream…

As a mother of a child, half a life has passed with only two words of hard work. I don’t know about other mothers, but my mother really sold her face to the earth, her back to heaven. Raising my three brothers and sisters, my mother worked in the fields and cultivated fields, growing all kinds of tubers and crops all year round. My family is in the village, trading goods is difficult, sometimes I can only sell taro root and ginger root grown in the fields to pay school fees for my brothers.

A letter from a poor student to his mother caused a storm on social media: I have a mother at home, she has no dreams but... - Photo 3.

After half a hard life, every mother’s dream begins with the words “I hope you…” (Illustration image)

In the past, in the village, the man was busy drinking, so the burden of the family was 8 parts on the mother’s shoulder. Going back and forth, half a human life has passed, the children have grown up and left their homeland to find their dreams. Only mom is left at home, she is still taking care of her family, and she still has no dreams.

When we are hungry, we only want to eat, when we are full, we think about dressing well. Like the lyrics in Mom’s Dream, what Mom is busy worrying about is just how to have a full meal. Mother has no dream, because she is busy taking care of her family, she has to sacrifice everything for her children, she no longer dreams. All my mother’s dream now is for her children to grow up healthy day by day and become a good person for society.

I have no dreams, I only have children. Their dream is my dream, if they succeed, I will also achieve my dream. Children like us, let’s try harder, so that one day mom can also dream of getting something for herself. I know she doesn’t have dreams, but she also has small wishes, like the kids can call home more often, or if possible, come back home if it’s been long enough.

A letter from a poor student to his mother caused a social media storm: I have a mother at home, she has no dreams but... - Photo 4.

Mom also has small wishes, that the children can call home more often, or if possible, return home if it’s been long enough. (Illustrated image)

After the letter was posted, the student’s sharing lines received a lot of sympathy from netizens. The majority expressed their emotions because they saw the story of themselves and their mother in it. Besides, below the post, many other students also took advantage of sending love words to their mother:

– I once asked my mother if she had any dreams when she was young, and she said that if you don’t have a dream, you have a lot. But at that time, my mother’s family was very poor, she didn’t have food to eat, she didn’t even have a pair of slippers to wear… So at that time, she just wished she had enough to eat, but she didn’t have any distant wishes.

– Once asked my mother if she ever gave up a dream for us. Mom said: Yes, but I love you more.

– Why is this story so similar to my family’s story? In the past, my mother told me that she also had a dream. But because of the lack of rice, my mother no longer bets everything on her dream, but she bets on her children.

– Graduation exam is coming soon, I want to send my love to my mother. Promise yourself to do well in exams and get into a top university because you’re your mother’s “dream”.

– My mother’s dream is to have healthy children, earn a lot of money so that in the future, she can live with her head held high and not suffer anymore. My dream is that my mother must be healthy and happy to wait for the day I succeed.

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