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Ignore all work emails while you are and after the holidays

Desiree Pascual is head of human resources at Headspace Health with approximately 1,000 employees. Despite the tight schedule during the company’s boom, she decided to take a three-week trip to Spain every summer to visit her parents.

This year, she will be traveling for most of July and also plans to take a break for winter break, “because a vacation once a year isn’t enough in our stressful work environment right now.” , Pascual told CNBC Make It.

“It is important that you spend your vacation time comfortably, fully and wholeheartedly”

Here’s why Pascual, 58, says she doesn’t feel guilty asking for leave, why she fully supports the company’s unlimited paid leave policy, and why she He used to write his leave email with an emoji (emoji). Below are Pascual’s answers to these questions.

Her feelings about the unlimited paid leave policy applied by her company are as follows: “This is the first company I worked for that has such a policy. Of course, at the beginning, I was cast doubt on its effectiveness.

In a mission-driven company like ours, people tend to overwork because they’re passionate about what they’re doing. I start Work We were here during the pandemic, so I agreed with the staff that we wouldn’t just say, “take as much time off as you need”, instead, we would need to “operate it”.

So every Friday will be a “Day for Peace of Mind” or a company-wide holiday where everyone can take time to take care of themselves. We also formalize different forms of leave, like maternity leave, paternity leave, bereavement leave – different types of leave that speak to people’s way of life.

Apply for leave using emoji-only emails: Last year, I wrote my leave email using only emojis. I wanted to blow a little creative and warm, instead of the dry, cold email stereotypes we see in so many places.

I want to grab the reader’s attention, make them smile, and get people talking about it in a fun way. Because when they talk about my leave, and they normalize it, even… can make plans to celebrate it. .

Human resources director advises employees: Ignore all work emails while you are and after the holidays - Photo 1.

It’s also a fun way for me to share information about my travels. So the next time someone sees me, they will say, “I saw the Spanish flag in your email. Tell me about your trip and what you did in Spain.”

Why does she plan to not read any emails she receives on vacation, even when she returns to work?

In my leave application this year, I added a note, saying: “I am currently on vacation and I will not read any emails, even after I return.” Vacation will not be available. It makes a lot of sense if after a very sweet two-year break and when you get back to work, the backlog of emails makes you even more stressed than before the holidays.

Feeling guilty about taking time off?

No. I am also a trained psychotherapist. Having a good training in psychology has provided me with some insight into how our brains work emotionally and mentally.

It is my understanding that if you don’t take the time to properly rest or you feel guilty and check your email every day, that vacation is not a break but a busy day. slightly reduced due to being absent.

The director of human resources advises employees: Ignore all work emails while you are and after the holidays - Photo 2.

Detach myself from work while taking a break: Often when I make decisions, I understand anything else is counterproductive to the goal of the break. As a leader, I’ve always understood, or at least always tried to understand, the value of vacations and why it matters to employees. It will be much more effective if you really take a break and when you start working, try to work at full capacity.

Is there an emergency at work? No problem is unpredictable. Most things that appear to be emergencies are not actually emergencies. If something goes wrong, use your flexibility and ability to work as a team to both solve the problem and not affect your own vacation, or that of others. le-20220609133540565.chn

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