Improve the quality of Team activities

Located in the last position of Kim Thanh district, but Tam Ky Secondary School is home to many excellent team members, outstanding in their studies and enthusiastic in the Team work movement. Defining the team work and children’s movement as one of the comprehensive educational activities for students, every year, the Tam Ky Junior High School Federation organizes many activities, builds meaningful bamboo shoots. real.

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The warm winter program in the highlands in 2019 was launched by the union of Tam Ky Secondary School, giving many warm blankets to highland children.

The school team organizes activities that are meaningful to educate love, solidarity, and build a green – clean – beautiful environment. For example, the school union organized an activity “warm winter in the highlands” calling for members to support cotton blankets to send to Doan Kim Thanh district; the program “Spring of love” gives gifts to members with difficult circumstances to welcome the Lunar New Year; awarded scholarships to members with difficult circumstances…

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The school union coordinated with Doan Kim Thanh district to organize the donation of essential food to families with COVID-19 in Kim Dinh, Dai Duc, Tam Ky and Lien Hoa communes.

In particular, last school year, in the face of complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic, the school union coordinated with Doan Kim Thanh district to ask for clean vegetables to support epidemic areas. The number of gifts was sent to the following localities: 105 gifts in Tam Ky commune, 150 gifts in Dai Duc commune, 108 gifts in Lien Hoa commune, 50 in Kim Dinh commune. Each gift is worth 200,000 VND. A total of 413 servings and 3 quintals of rice.

In addition, the school union also organized spring tree planting movements, cultural movements, summer activities to join the commune youth union, union members to clean up canals and ditches in the field…

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Teachers and students of Tam Ky Secondary School together clean up martyrs’ cemetery, clean up village streets and alleys, contributing to green, clean and beautiful environment.

With feelings of respect and gratitude to those who have sacrificed for the peace of the Fatherland, teachers and students have weeded, cleaned, and cared for each grave in the cemetery’s premises. This is an activity that not only demonstrates the principle of “drinking water, remembering its source”, but also contributes to fostering patriotism and pride in national traditions for the children, and at the same time creating motivation to study and strive for excellence. rise.

Ms. Bui Minh Thao, teacher in charge of the School Union shared: With the attention of the school’s management board and the enthusiastic response of students and students’ parents, the Team’s movements over the past time have achieved many good achievements, bringing positive results. “In the coming time, I believe that the League of Legends will continue to strive to work more actively to give love to members with difficult circumstances, to build bamboo shoots that are of practical significance to them. my beloved school”.

Besides the exciting group and team activities, the highlight of Tam Ky Secondary School is the work of fostering talents for the province. The school pays close attention to fostering good students from the beginning of each school year, assigns experienced teachers to participate in training, 3 training sessions per week per subject.

The refresher teacher exchanges with the professional group to develop training programs and plans; Strictly implement the plan, prepare the lesson and approve the lesson plan in accordance with regulations. As a result, in the school year 2021-2022, many students achieved excellent results in district exams for excellent students in grade 9 culture: 6/16 students scored above 10, some subjects achieved high results such as: : Chemistry, Biology, English… The school’s sports activities achieved many good results: 1 first prize in men’s high jump, second prize in women’s high jump, 01 second prize in men’s and women’s handball, 1 first prize in running Women’s 800m…

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Tam Ky Secondary School has timely paid attention to students in the school with difficult circumstances.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai, Vice Principal of the school said: Along with emulating good teaching and studying well, Tam Ky Junior High School Union always tries to maintain, innovate and diversify the methods of Team activities. The school also enlists and enhances the mobilization of resources, serving the work of the Team and the youth movement.

Through the above-mentioned Team activities, the students can immerse themselves in the collective living environment, exercise their health, improve their ability to cooperate, communicate and behave, receive quality education, lifestyle. . They also promote the spirit of independence and self-control, gain more practical skills and consolidate and improve the knowledge they have learned. Thereby enhancing the spirit of solidarity and mutual help among students, contributing to building a stronger and stronger team.“, Ms. Hai expressed.

Hopefully, in the coming time, the Tam Ky Junior High School Federation will continue to promote the Team tradition, build many practical and effective methods and solutions, make continuous efforts to improve the quality of Team activities and bring them to the forefront of the world. The general movement of the School is increasing day by day.

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