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Is life meaningless? And other absurd questions – Nina Medvinskaya

Immerse yourself in Albert Camus’ philosophy of the absurd and explore the question: If the world is meaningless, could our lives still have any value? — Albert Camus grew up surrounded by violence. His native country of Algeria was mired in conflict. He lost his father in World War I. Seeing the devastation of World War II, Camus became despondent. What was the point behind all this endless bloodshed and suffering? And if the world were meaningless, could our individual lives still have value? Nina Medvinskaya explores Camus’ philosophy of the absurd. Lessons from Nina Medvinskaya directed by Avi Ofer. Animator’s website: Sign up for our newsletter: Support us on Patreon: Follow us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter: See us on Instagram: View full lesson: https://ed.ted .com/lessons/is-lebenssinnlose-und-andere-absurde-fragen-nina-medvinskaya Thank you to our patrons for your support! Without you this video would not be possible! Carlos H Costa, Eimann P Evarola, Aleksandr Lyozin, Mohamed Elsayed, Alan Wilder, Marcus Appelbaum, Francisco Leos, Kevin O’Leary, Les Howard, Ten Cha, Mehmet Yusuf Ertekin, Arlene Weston, phkphk123321, Jennifer Kurkoski, Ryan B Harvey, Austin Randall, Abhishek Bansal, Jayant Sahewal, Dian Atamyanov, Igor Romanenko, Jose Arcadio Valdes Franco, Brandy Sarver, Guy Hardy, Tu-Anh Nguyen, Karl Laius, Madee Lo, JY Kang, Marc Bou Zeid, Abhishek Goel, Charles A Hershberger, Coenraad Keuning, Robert Seik, Heidi Stolt, Alexis Hevia, Todd Gross, Brady Jones, Christina Salvatore, Zhong Ming Zenny Tan, Karisa Caudill, Bruno Pinho, Derek Drescher, Mihail Radu Pantilimon, Amin Shahril, Mohamed Elsayed, Barthélémy Michalon , Chumi Ogbonna, Karlee Finch, Mohammad Said, jj5252 and Kelvin Lam.


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