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Launched 1Office BPA to help automate 90% of business processes

1Office Joint Stock Company launches 1Office BPA solution, helping to automate the process enterprisesupporting more efficient digital conversion.

The launch of 1Office BPA solution is considered a turning point on the digital transformation journey to help automate business processes and promote sustainable growth for businesses.

Mr. Le Viet Thang – CEO of 1Office Joint Stock Company said: “The transformation process is still a challenge for businesses. Many processes are still not automated, many businesses still maintain manual work methods that waste time and unnecessary resources. Businesses are just starting to create a digital transformation plan and the digital transformation journey still has a lot of work to do.”

Mr. Le Viet Thang – CEO of 1Office introduced the automation solution


In addition, Mr. Thang analyzed the difficulties faced by enterprises in the process of administration and operation and affirmed: “In order to stand firm in the market, it is not enough for enterprises to rely solely on economic potential, but need to be flexible. active app technology into the administration and operation of the business. BPA solution will be the trend of the future, helping businesses optimize operating costs, operate more smoothly to stand up to all market fluctuations.

1Office BPA – Business Process Automation is considered a great technological advancement developed by the 1Office team. This intelligent solution provides a full suite of process design, so that businesses can easily move processes from paper, file to software quickly thanks to the ability to cover all design requirements.

With a friendly, intuitive interface designed according to modern processes, users can easily drag and drop, install with rich process buttons including: events, schedules, automated tasks, notifications. newspaper, email… simple. Thereby minimizing errors, forgetting things or errors at any step in the transition – processing – approval will also be quickly checked and corrected immediately.

O Thang shared about the solution to automate the sales process


The 1Office BPA system also supports building buttons automatically or manually in one process. From there, the processes are operated smoothly without interruption or break at any step. It can be seen that this is an outstanding advantage that very few other software have.

In particular, 1Office BPA also integrates multi-platform digital signatures so that managers can approve official documents and papers anywhere with just one mobile device. From there, it saves time and costs for administrators and increases customer experience. At the same time, freeing personnel from manual tasks in the process of handling formalities such as signing, printing, and delivering common documents, etc., without worrying about time or geographical location. .

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