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Learn the “distilled water” outfit of the beautiful boys and girls to put on the “next toy” with a series of genuine accessories

Summer is also an opportunity for the “players” to freely dress up to “take pictures of virtual live”. For those who have a strong passion for fashion, not only the clothes but also the accompanying accessories must be selected and invested heavily to be able to upgrade the outfit to a new level. If you don’t know what to mix this summer outfit with, it’s time to refer to the series of “toys” suggestions from the hot girl and hot boy Instagram group. Super many tips on how to mix luxurious-good-smooth clothes in the series ”Next summer, next style” for women to learn.

In particular, this series of ”distilled water” accessories are being discounted on the occasion of the Summer Super Sale ”Next Summer, Sale to come” taking place from now until the end of June 10. Not only a series of bargain vouchers with 6 cumulative times, all products on Lazada are also reduced by up to 50% with a nationwide freeship offer of 0 VND. Sale has come so far, why not close the order quickly to make the summer more brilliant!

Dynamic, youthful fashion style with tube tops and wide leg pants is always the first choice in the shopping list of the sisters. However, her outfit will be twice as luxurious when mixing with “cool” sunglasses and a stylish armpit bag. Mimi Nhu Y will help you better visualize this suggestion. And yet, your shopping experience will be smoother and more preferential if you shop right in the series of super sale programs 6.6 ”Next Summer, Sale play me”’ of Lazada.

Shopping suggestions:

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 wide leg pants

If you are planning an outfit to go down the street, you should definitely not ignore the extremely attractive mix-up suggestion of Hana Dang. This girl has an easy but impressive “movement” when mixing a white shirt with jeans. Seemingly faded, but no, a pair of white high-neck boots and accompanying accessories such as earrings, eyeglasses and handbags have helped raise the ability to “live virtual”. If you do not own a fashion accessory like this girl, then why not “close the order” right here.

Shopping suggestions:

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 shirt

For guys who are passionate about a healthy and active sports style, small crossbody bags will be the top virtual assistants. In addition, your outfit will become extremely trendy with the help of transparent sunglasses and a ”sporty” watch. 3 accessories are mixed & matched by Tuyen Minh guy, which is very “matching”, the guys quickly learn that they have that genuine set of clothes right away.

Shopping suggestions:

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 plaid shirt

Unleash the way with the photo shoot ”1 no 2” is the idea that the talented girl @bachlieen is pursuing. In the middle of a hot summer, choose ”Check-in” next to the refrigerator is an extremely interesting and new suggestion that you must try. So ladies, what are you waiting for, prepare props and costumes to experience this unique concept!

Shopping suggestions:

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 bikini

“Virtual living” with electronic accessories is a hot trend in the KOL world, but we still can’t deny the ability to mix super-appropriate items of familiar silver ring models. However, in order to make her outfit less monotonous and lack of emphasis when only mixing a simple bracelet, she should combine large bracelets and chain rings like her friend @xopotatoto to make the outfit stand out in the middle. the crowd.

Shopping suggestions:

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 necklaces

Knowing how to moderate and choose the right outfit for the outside are the notes that everyone should keep in mind. Simple but still cool, friend Nguyen Hien Duc has a set of fine clothes no less than fashionistas. The combination of a shirt and white pants, especially not forgetting a pair of black shoes that go well with the whole outfit of the boy deserves “10 compliments”.. It’s time to transform your summer fashion taste, what are you waiting for without visiting Lazada to shop today.

Shopping suggestions:

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 men’s shirt

The race “Next Summer, Style to Play” is still going on extremely hot when a series of contests by beautiful boys and beautiful girls are still being sent to the Organizing Committee. If you are passionate about these styles, go to homepage, ”Next summer, Style play me” is available in an area just for you, whatever style you like, just click to buy that style. And if you are passionate about the “subject” of creating styles and mixing top styles, please quickly submit your essay to the program by:

Join via Facebook Facebook

#first. Post 01 image of your next style for this summer (1 outfit/ mix and match can post multiple pictures) on personal facebook in public mode with hashtag of the program #Lazada66 #Hetoistylechotoi #SieuSaleHe66.

#2. Call for votes by tagging your friends to react to your participating posts.

#3. Comment the link of your entry in step #1 at the contest launch post HERE

Join via Microsite

#first. Players access Microsite Photo contest. Then post 01 photo showing off the style, the style to play for this summer.

#2. Fill in personal information in the form (full name, phone number, email)

#3. Players share the contest on Facebook in Public mode with the hashtag ( #Lazada66 #Hetoistylechotoi #SieuSaleHe66) of the program, calling for votes for their entries.

Note: Posts on social networks must be publicly posted with a caption with a full set of Hashtags: #Lazada66 #Hetoistylechotoi #SieuSaleHe66.

Hurry up to Lazada now on the occasion of the 6.6 Shopping Festival “Next Summer, Sale to Come” taking place from now until the end of June 10 to buy yourself an extremely hot style, ready for the next summer. With thousands of vouchers, immense genuine hot deals, Lazada super sale summer 6.6 will definitely be a shopping destination not to be missed this summer. Hunt for sale now here!

The photo contest “Next Summer – Style Coming” is an initiative of Lazada, organized in collaboration with Channel 14. This is one of Lazada’s outstanding series of activities to welcome the 6.6 Shopping Festival “Next Summer, Next Sale” taking place from June 6 to June 10, 2022.

The contest is an opportunity for you to unleash your energy – let yourself go – play to the finish line, hit the ground running, and stand a chance to be the one with the most impressive style this summer! Show off your photos showing off your fiery summer day style with your impressive outfits, electronic accessories, jewelry and make-up looks from May 23 to June 11, 2022 here. Hundreds of attractive prizes with a total value of more than 80 million VND are waiting for you!

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