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Many cars and motorbikes are “born” thanks to beautiful number plates

The story of cars and motorbikes suddenly being renamed, resold at a towering price compared to the original price thanks to the owner picking it up. nice number plate was no longer a stranger. Even so, these cars still attract the attention of the community, causing a stir and admiring the “beautiful numbers” of the license plate.

More excited and admiring is that the car is for sale, bought back at a price double, triple, even many times higher than the original price.

Many cars and motorbikes come to life thanks to beautiful number plates - Photo 1.

Many cars after owning beautiful number plates have been sold or received for purchase at prices many times higher than the original price. Illustration.

The license plate is like the name of the vehicle, helping to distinguish the vehicles on the road. However, for many people, the license plate also means “fortune” and so they like to own a beautiful number plate. In May, a Hyundai SantaFe car of a customer in Bac Ninh bearing the fifth quarter number plate (99A-555.55) made the online community admire.

Information shows that customers who own SantaFe cars have completed registration procedures as usual, and fortunately pressed the fifth quarter number plate. Hyundai SantaFe has a selling price of about 1.24 billion VND, plus the cost of rolling. , the car will cost about 1.4 billion.

However, with the number plate of the fifth quarter, the car was immediately valued at 3-3.5 billion VND by the online community, even someone offered to buy it at the price of 4 billion VND for this car.

Not yet excited with the fifth-quarter Hyundai SantaFe in Bac Ninh, recently a third-quarter Hyundai SantaFe appeared in Hung Yen. There is still no information on how much the third-quarter SantaFe is for sale or for sale, but obviously, a “beautiful license plate” like this always attracts everyone’s attention, many people want to own it. possess.

Searching on the Internet, there are many articles and videos on how to press a beautiful number plate, there are even articles that guarantee “99.99%” will have a beautiful license plate, from “watching a beautiful number” to how to hold the key and Enter button, even “burn incense before picking up the license plate” and see feng shui, and the last measures are “depending on the relationship” or “spending money to buy” .

In fact, since 2012, the Traffic Police Department has implemented the vehicle registration process by letting people dial random numbers, in order to create fairness, equality and avoid negativity in the issuance of number plates. According to regulations, people will hold the necessary documents such as VAT invoices, receipts and receipts for payment of registration fees, citizen identification … to complete registration procedures, press license plates.

During the process of pressing the license plate, the car registrant will directly monitor the information entered on the screen by the traffic police officer. After entering, the traffic police officer asked to check the information again to avoid errors. Then, the traffic police invite the registrant to put their hand on the red button to press the number plate. About 2 seconds after pressing the red button, the issued license plate will be displayed on the screen.

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security has issued Circular 15/2022/TT-BCA amending and supplementing a number of circulars, including amending Circular 58/2020 on the process of granting and revoking vehicle registration and number plates. Road motorized traffic officially took effect from May 21, 2022 with many new points.

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