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Many girls fall in love because of dating on Tinder

On June 8, Binh Duong Police informed that they had temporarily detained Tran Thi Thanh (born in 1999, from Thanh Hoa province) to investigate and clarify the fraudulent act of appropriating property.

According to the investigation, due to participating in online gambling and lack of spending money, Nguyen Thi Thanh used software to hide her real IP address to create an account on a social network pretending to be a boy to make friends with many people. .

Specifically, through the online dating application (Tinder) and some social networks, Thanh called himself “Hoang Duong” pretending to be a boy and asked for love and borrowed 115 million VND from V.

Next, also with the name “Hoang Duong”, Thanh contacted Mr. P. (who is V.’s brother) to borrow money to invest in cryptocurrency with the promise of return with high profit. Thanh repeatedly asked Mr. P. to transfer money to invest in virtual money to many accounts of Thanh designated.

Many girls are trapped in love because of dating on Tinder - Photo 1.

Thanh at the police station

To create confidence for Mr. P., Thanh also repeatedly transferred small amounts of money to Mr. P. and said that it was the profit from cryptocurrency investment and continued to ask Mr. P. to invest a larger amount. In total, Mr. P. transferred more than 4 billion VND to Thanh.

During the investigation, the Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention and Control of Binh Duong Provincial Police identified and invited Thanh to work. Through work, Thanh admitted that in addition to defrauding Ms. V and Mr. P., she also cheated many other women with the amount of 10 to 100 million VND.

After getting the victim’s money, Thanh transferred the money through 8 different bank accounts. Thanh also transferred 1.65 billion VND to the victims to build trust. The amount Thanh appropriated was about 3.85 billion VND.

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