“Masterpiece” from rare wood up to billions of dong

In recent years, classical furniture with Royal style has been “hunted” by many people in the upper class. Keeping up with that desire of customers, Shandong has diligently researched and launched the Royal Luxury Classic Collection from rare woods. The collection shows class, combining European and traditional styles, promising to become top favorites.

Masterpieces from rare wood up to billions of dong - Photo 1.

Full quintessence in Royal Luxury Classic Collection

After a long time of meticulous research and production, the Royal Luxury Collection was born with a variety of products including: Living room sofa, TV cabinet, wine cabinet, high-class dining table, royal chair,… Say, this is a unique collection in both quality and design, so far there are very few establishments in Vietnam that can do it. Every engraving, every detail of the interior in the collection is extremely delicate and eye-catching. Royal Luxury Classic Collection has been planned and completed for more than 5 years. Each set of tables and chairs takes up to 24 months to be fully completed.

Masterpieces from rare wood up to billions of dong - Photo 2.

To create quality products, Shandong has selected materials from rare and durable woods, standard sizes and natural aromas, most importantly, preserving long-term values. by the time. Two types of wood used in this collection are rosewood and red oak. Each table and chair is manufactured directly in the factory, undergoes many rigorous processes, and is always carefully monitored and checked for quality. Under the skillful hands of Shandong artisans, each product is born with the utmost care and diligence, able to satisfy the most “connoisseur” wooden toys in Vietnam.

Masterpieces from rare wood up to billions of dong - Photo 3.

Creativity is associated with preserving traditional arts of the nation

Not only is it a new collection with ordinary furniture products, but Shandong also wants to create a breakthrough in the Vietnamese fine arts industry. With the Royal Luxury Collection this time, each sofa set, dining table, cabinet… are “breathed” with European royal inspiration mixed with tradition. This is very suitable for the needs and aesthetics of buyers in modern life. With a breakthrough in thinking and creativity, this collection of Shandong will clearly show the level of the owner, bring high economic value regardless of time, the longer it is left, the higher the price.

Masterpieces from rare wood up to billions of dong - Photo 4.

For a long time, many production facilities have chosen to use production machines to save time and effort, but in Shandong, artisans are still working day and night with 100% handmade. This is the unique way that the brand still maintains the tradition of the culture and art of our ancestors. After buying furniture, customers can clearly see the softness and sophistication in each engraving, in each pattern, in each corner… that is an irreplaceable feature. Each product with the highest devotion brings not only material value but also unmatched spiritual value.

Masterpieces from rare wood up to billions of dong - Photo 5.

Choose Shandong to enjoy many attractive offers

Shandong furniture has long been a brand that has received the trust of a large number of customers, especially those who are passionate about high-end fine art furniture. With this collection, the brand continues to affirm its strong mark on the market, succeeding in combining innovation without forgetting the tradition in the ethnic interior creative style. Outside Royal Luxury Classic Collection, Shandong is also an interior “paradise” with many other products, ranging from modern to classic designs. The words “Trust” and “Mind” are the two most important words in the brand’s journey of trusting, listening and serving customers. Especially when choosing a new furniture collection in Shandong, customers will receive a 5-year warranty package and lifetime maintenance. All products will be shipped free of charge to your home, customers can return them within 30 days of receiving the product for any reason.

The collection is on display at: Shandong Furniture

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