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Misinformation about monkeypox is rampant

On social media, a lot of misinformation is spreading about the disease monkey pox.

Monkeypox is a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine

It is not difficult to come across posts on social media that say, monkeypox case Recently due to vaccination against COVID-19 and side effects. The allegation is based on the idea that some COVID-19 vaccines use a modified version of the chimpanzee adenovirus that can cause monkeypox. Medical experts say this argument is false and unrealistic.

Professor Joong-sik Eeom, Gil Medical Center, Gachon University, Korea, said: “The chimpanzee adenovirus in the COVID-19 vaccine has been modified to not infect humans. It is not possible to create a new virus inside the human body and cause a certain disease like monkeypox“.

Spreading false information about monkeypox - Photo 1.

A flurry of misinformation about monkeypox was rampant. (Photo: AP)

Monkey pox is the new COVID-19 disease

Many posts in Europe and North America fear that monkeypox will spread and become a pandemic like COVID-19. However, in reality this possibility is very low.

Professor Jimmy Whitworth, London School of Tropical Medicine, UK, said: “The number of cases is growing but the chances of you accidentally running into someone infected with monkeypox are still extremely small. We need to grasp and control the situation as quickly as possible, but there is no need to panic. Monkeypox will not spread and enter the community, causing a pandemic like COVID-19“.

Many cases of monkeypox actually have shingles

Posts on social media shared images of an article by Canada’s CTV News that said 95% of monkeypox cases investigated by Canadian authorities were in fact shingles. However, communications director CTV News confirmed, this news agency has never published such information and the screenshot is not an article of CTV News.

Although some of the symptoms of monkeypox are similar to shingles, the two diseases are not caused by the same virus, said the University of Toronto School of Medicine professor.

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