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New car duo scheduled to launch in Vietnam

After a series of leaked rumors, it is highly likely that the all-new Honda HR-V and Mitsubishi Xpander 2022 duo will launch in Vietnam in the first half of June.

June 10 and 15 here, Mitsubishi and Honda will launch 2 new models in Vietnam. From rumors and speculations, it is highly likely that the two models appearing this time are the all-new Honda HR-V and Mitsubishi Xpander 2022 upgrade.

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Mitsubishi Xpander 2022 revealed at the dealer

From the end of May 2022, Mitsubishi Xpander 2022 was caught at the dealer, to serve the purpose of product training for employees.

According to available information, Mitsubishi Xpander 2022 will have at least 2 versions, similar to today’s manual and automatic transmissions. It is not clear whether the assembled car will still be maintained in the upgraded version. Since the beginning of this year, the assembled Mitsubishi Xpander has not sold any, only the imported version.

Mitsubishi Xpander 2022 is an upgraded version in the middle of the life cycle (facelift), so there are not many changes. The most noticeable change is at the front of the car with a new, more angular LED front light cluster, combined with LED daytime running lights.

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Electronic handbrake has appeared on the car

The rear lights now have a more eye-catching LED interface. The 5-spoke rims are still the same size as before, but the design has changed.

The car appearing at the dealer is likely to be a high-end version with an automatic transmission. Some details that show that are the chrome grille surround, chrome rearview mirror caps, chrome glass borders and LED headlights.

Inside the interior compartment, there are a number of changes that are expected by customers such as a 9-inch central touch screen that supports Apple CarPlay, a new 3-spoke steering wheel and an electronic handbrake.

Engine and transmission details have not been revealed. In the Indonesian market, this model has a big change from a 4-speed automatic transmission to a CVT stepless automatic.

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Honda HR-V was caught testing in Vietnam

And Honda HR-V 2022 has also appeared test run images from the end of May.

According to some sales staff, Honda HR-V 2022 in Vietnam still maintains 2 versions, L and RS. The vehicle was caught being carried on a specialized vehicle also with the RS logo.

In addition, the Honda HR-V 2022 sold in Vietnam is expected to use a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and a 1.5L turbocharger similar to the Indonesian market. Power reaches 121 and 177 horsepower, respectively, with CVT automatic transmission.

On the RS version, in Thailand, there is an exclusive, pixel-plated chrome radiator instead of a horizontal bar like the regular version and the front bumper, semi-arch, door sill and rear bumper are glossy black. The high-end version is an 18-inch gray 5-spoke alloy, while the regular version uses 17-inch wheels.

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Interior space of Honda HR-V 2022 abroad

Notable equipment in both the interior and exterior of the car as announced by Honda Thailand includes headlights, daytime running lights, and taillights using LED technology. The rear seats have their own air-conditioning vents and charging ports. Electronic handbrake, wireless charging, 8-inch central touch screen, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto support, 8-speaker high-end system and 7-inch digital dashboard are other outstanding equipment.

In terms of safety, the Honda HR-V 2022 has 6 airbags and the Honda Sensing package includes features such as lane-keeping assist, emergency braking, intelligent automatic throttle that supports following the vehicle in front at low speed, lights. Intelligent phase, lane departure warning…

According to Tuan Minh (Traffic Newspaper)

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