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Objects that women “target” when having an affair-Young people

Thursday, June 9, 2022 07:15 AM (GMT+7)

A dating site has published shocking statistics for men, making them wary of the following subjects.

Objects that women "target"  until adultery - 1


No one wants to know they’ve been cheated on, but shocking figures show 45% men and 21% women He is not loyal to his partner. A recent survey by Britain’s largest dating site has revealed who are most likely to cheat.

A survey of 1,100 members of this site found that 31% admit it adultery With an ex-lover, 25% reported having a romantic relationship with a co-worker, while 15% fantasized about brother-in-law or sister-in-law (relatives). At least 11% of Britons are related to their spouse’s best friend and 7% are related to a neighbour.

According to CNA, many people believe that, when it comes to extramarital relationships, cheating on husband/wife is an opportunity for men, but not for women. In many cases, women are involved in a physical relationship outside of marriage that also includes an emotional connection.

Sometimes feelings are even deeper than physical lust, but some women don’t see this as cheating.

There is a similarity about the main reason why both men and women cheat, that is when their marital relationship becomes stale, not fresh.

“Men tend to stay in a marriage relationship even when they have an affair, but women often want to change because they are no longer interested in their current husband” – Singapore clinical psychologist Annabelle Chow said.

Kate, 36 years old, works in real estate and participated in the dating site that conducted the above survey. “When my marriage hit a stalemate, I knew I needed something, but meeting new people is hard. I find comfort in someone who knows me, is related to me. I can skip the personal inquiries, just stick with my body.I finally got into a relationship with my co-workers.This is convenient because I can streamline my time.Then I also have relationship with my ex-lover, in the same locality as me”.

Christian Grant, a spokesman for the dating site told the News: “Acquaintances will be easier for erotic adventures. Because if you get caught with strangers, you won’t be able to deny it. But if you go out with close friends, colleagues or siblings, you can still get past people you know.”

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