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On the way to my wife’s parents’ house, when I saw the tray of rice she was carrying quickly, my eyes were stinging

I just got married 3 years ago. My wife is from a small town, she is 3 years younger than me, but she is very thoughtful and knows how to treat people, so she never makes me feel awkward.

My wife’s parents are just farmers, but they live very emotional lives, knowing right and wrong. Maybe that’s why I love going back to my wife’s hometown. Every time we come back, my wife’s parents eat chicken, catch fish, all home-grown plants, but I think every dish is delicious. In particular, the wife’s family has many brothers and sisters, so the meal is always warm and happy, no different from the New Year’s Day.

On the way to my wife's parents' house, I looked at the tray of rice she was carrying, but my eyes were stinging - Photo 1.


My father-in-law is very psychological, he never interferes in my family affairs, but often reminds his daughter to love and take care of her husband’s family. Several times I saw him telling my wife that women must be patient and cultivate happiness for the family.

My wife and I live in the city, have a good income, so we don’t need to tighten our belts. Many times, my colleagues at the company kept asking me to go on a trip, but there is no place I like more than going back to my wife’s hometown.

So, every month, my wife and I arrange a time to go back to our grandparents, both to visit our grandparents and to rest and relax.

My wife was 3 months pregnant, she had morning sickness, couldn’t eat anything, and her health was very weak. Worried about her daughter, her mother-in-law gave up all the work in the fields to cook and take care of my wife for a whole month.

After that, every weekend she sent clean food from the countryside to my wife and me. She said that the goods in the supermarket are not as secure as the vegetables she grows with her own hands, the chickens she raises in the barn.

So, every weekend, I go to the bus station to pick up the things my mother-in-law sent me. The food stored in the refrigerator at my house can’t be eaten for a whole week, sometimes I have to bring a wife for a colleague, but it’s broken for a long time. My colleagues all complimented me for being lucky to have a wife who is both beautiful and smart, and has psychological in-laws.

Knowing that my wife’s parents work hard, I sometimes ask my wife to give her grandparents a few million, but her mother-in-law never accepts. She always told us to keep it and save it to buy a piece of land for peace of mind later.

Yesterday, on the way to work, I bought some alcohol-soaked food to bring back to my father-in-law because I knew he liked it very much. I just came back and left immediately, so I didn’t call my grandparents in advance even though it was lunch time, thinking that if they were to eat, they could eat whatever they wanted.

As soon as I reached the alley, I heard a neighbor’s voice echoing in the house. He told the old man and his wife not to live too frugally, with each plate of boiled vegetables, you wouldn’t have to work hard to do it.

Then she blamed my parents-in-law for everything that was delicious and sent it to the city for her daughter and son-in-law, but they didn’t know that their parents dared to eat or drink anything… Hear what she said to her eyes. I’m bitter. I pretended not to hear anything and called out to my parents from outside the gate.

Seeing me back, my mother-in-law quickly brought the half-eaten tray to the kitchen. When she passed, I could still clearly see the tray of rice with only a plate of boiled vegetables and a bowl of fish sauce. Yet, every week, my parents send us many delicious foods, not to mention every time my wife and I come home.

It is true that if I did not come back suddenly, and did not witness that tray of rice, I would not have known the great sacrifice of my grandparents. Since that time, I have given my wife’s parents 4 million every month and told them that if they don’t take it, I won’t accept the items they send to me. To this day, I still consider myself very lucky to have such wonderful parents-in-law.

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