Plagiarism of 10 others, college vice-chancellor stripped of master’s degree

Zhang Yan, vice-chancellor of Kunming Railway Vocational and Technical College (Yunnan), was stripped of her degree after a related investigation showed that at least a quarter of her master’s thesis was obtained from documents. research by 10 other scholars, including his close friend Li.

“We handle the case according to the regulations,” said an employee of this college.

The person who accused Zhang of plagiarism was Wang, a colleague of this female vice principal.

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Wang told the newspaper The Paper that Li and Zhang work in the same department and jointly obtained a master’s degree from Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU). Wang asserted that Zhang was not the only case of plagiarism and this “full” work was turned a blind eye by the school, forcing him to speak up.

“Why can’t we solve this problem through normal channels. The university’s faculties have shied away from their responsibilities.“, said Wang.

Plagiarism has been a problem that has plagued Chinese education for many years. Nearly all universities and higher education institutions set specific plagiarism percentage limits and pledge severe punishment for academic theft.

The Ministry of Education also requires provincial education departments to re-examine at least 2% of a university’s thesis every year. Those whose essays are found to have irregularities may have their degrees revoked.

Despite these tough measures, cases of plagiarism continue to be exposed.

One of the most controversial plagiarism cases in China involves actor Zhai Tianlin. Zhai received a doctorate from the School of Performing Arts, Beijing Film Academy, but was revoked in 2019 after more than 40% of his 2018 essays were found to be copied from others.

The actor was also later withdrawn from a two-year study program by Peking University.

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