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Poor self makes the life of parents and children precarious

I always have the feeling that I am too incompetent, do not succeed in everything, only do half-heartedly or do not reach the destination.

I’m bored with whatever I do, I don’t get much money. Is that why I always fail? I raise two children by myself, but my income has never been more than 10 million VND per month, months are few months, the life of parents and children is very precarious. Many times when I look at my child, I feel sad, I want to rise up to make my child less miserable, but I don’t know how to rise, what to do to make money. Pretending to be miserable but have money, I also try to do it because I’m not a lazy person. I’m not a person who doesn’t know how to save, I don’t waste money, I just spend what I need to spend.

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I have always loved trading and doing business. I am trading but have not learned, understood and experienced much about it. I went online to study and practice on my own, but it didn’t seem to be going anywhere, the knowledge I learned was very fragmentary. I sell online but don’t know how to make videos to be beautiful and eye-catching, don’t know how to make buyers trust more and buy more. I don’t know how to find trending goods. I understand roughly, sales is to have staples, then how to have a list of potential customers to approach and sell. Where and how do I need to learn? I found myself rambling, so incompetent. I always have a feeling of crazy stress, looking forward to your advice.


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