“Reaching out” to enter the quarterfinals, U23 Vietnam caused a shocking surprise… for Mr. Park himself

The image of goalkeeper Quan Van Chuan holding the ball close to the center circle in the last minutes of the match against Malaysia U23 received a lot of praise from experts, because it is a symbol of confidence, ability. controlled ball by the students of Coach Gong Oh-kyun.

Reaching out to the quarterfinals, U23 Vietnam caused a big surprise... for Mr. Park - Photo 1.

The 2-0 victory over Malaysia to open the door to the quarter-finals of the 2022 AFC U23 Championship is the clearest proof of the success of the four defenders of “Master Gong” – something that has been around for a long time. We are not seen in Vietnamese football teams in the hands of coach Park Hang-seo.

The two goals that Vietnamese young players scored against Malaysia U23 came from the suffocating situations of the team. U23 Vietnammaking fans extremely eager to count every minute waiting for a goal, which is extremely rare under coach Park Hang-seo.

But those goals did not come from a mutation, but true to the somewhat reckless tactical calculation of coach Gong Oh-kyun. The recklessness is because not only the match against Malaysia U23, the new Korean teacher of U23 Vietnam let his students do it. It came right from the first match he held in Vietnam, before the “great rival” in Southeast Asia of Vietnamese football.

Reaching for the quarterfinals, U23 Vietnam caused a shocking surprise... for Mr. Park himself - Photo 2.

The match against Thailand U23, coach Gong Oh-kyun’s students only took 19 seconds to penetrate the opponent’s net. That goal came from a rather fortunate situation after Phan Tuan Tai’s shot when the ball hit Jonathan Khemdee’s shoulder, causing Thailand’s U23 goalkeeper to miss the momentum. But that is also the consequence of U23 Vietnam pushing up the squad to catch the opponent right from the opening whistle.

In that situation, up to 3 Vietnamese players caught defender Jonathan Khemdee while he was still holding the ball in the home team’s penalty area, causing the Thai player to frantically pass the ball to Tuan Tai’s feet. And then it was luck to call U23 Vietnam’s name.

Not only in the match against U23 Thailand and Malaysia, even in the match against Korea, U23 Vietnam also had a lot of time to play fiercely right on the opponent’s field, typically in the defender situation. Korea U23 must receive a red card and then. It was this extremely aggressive pressing game that brought about the equalizing goal for Vietnam U23, even fully able to bring about victory if the Vietnamese strikers were more agile and lucky in the last minutes of the match.

Reaching for the quarterfinals, U23 Vietnam made a big surprise... for Mr. Park - Photo 3.

The change that coach Gong Oh-kyun brought to U23 Vietnam is not only a 4-3-3 with 4 defenders, but also a fundamental change in thinking for the young Vietnamese team, forcing they had to choose an attacking style of play, instead of being heavily defensive like under Mr. Park. Very close to each other, the two matches against Thailand U23 at the 31st SEA Games finals and the current tournament clearly show that, although in SEA Games 31, Mr. Park has more expensive help from 3 key players of the Vietnamese team. South on the line.

Comparing Coach Gong Oh-kyun with his predecessor in U23 Vietnam is too hasty and should not be done at this time, but it can be affirmed that right now, Vietnamese youth football is having the necessary “evolution”. necessary to raise the level of national football. Coach Park Hang-seo himself was extremely concerned to change the defensive play that has become his trademark for more than 4 years with Vietnamese football.

It is too early to conclude whether Coach Gong Oh-kyun is successful, and more successful than Mr. Park who is not with Vietnamese football, but at least this time, this countryman has created a surprise for Mr. Park, and fortunately Fortunately, the surprise was filled with joy.

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