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Remove the certificate of merit Advanced student: Is learning more substantive?

The 2021/2022 school year has just ended. In the past few days, many parents as well as 6th grade students were surprised when they no longer received certificates of merit like every year. The reason is that according to the new regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, since the last school year, The principal only awards at the end of the school year the title of Excellent student and Excellent student.

Specifically, in the last school year, 6th grade students, the assessment of learning results is no longer according to the levels: Excellent, Fair, Average, Weak, Poor, but instead, is assessed by comments on 4 levels. : Good, Fair, Pass, Not pass. At the end of the school year, the principal grants the title of Excellent Student to a student with a Good rating whose study results in 6 subjects or more for the whole year are 9.0 or higher; The Distinguished Student Award is given to students with a Good rating who have academic results in at least 6 subjects with a score of 8 or higher and in all subjects with a score of 6.5 or higher.

Many people regret that the title of Advanced Student is the motivation to strive, the pride of students, and for many parents, it is also their own achievements, or their possessions to show off. But this is not just a change of a habit that has existed for many years, but also a change in the concept of how to evaluate and classify students, so it has received a lot of attention from public opinion.

How has this change been received by parents and students? Does it make rewarding students more substantial? – Those are the questions discussed in the program Today’s Issue, broadcast on June 8, 2022, inviting interested readers to watch via VIDEO:

Today’s issue – June 8, 2022

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