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Russia announced that it will not continue to cut off gas supplies to Europe

The Kremlin spokesman also stressed that the plan to ask customers to pay for gas contracts in rubles is going as planned.

During the daily press conference, when asked if Gazprom will cut gas supply For any more customers, Peskov said there will be no more supply cuts because customers receiving gas are paying under the new plan.

Gazprom has cut off gas supplies to Orsted and Shell Energy of Denmark for a gas supply contract to Germany, as well as stopped gas supplies to the Dutch gas group GasTerrra along with Bulgaria, Poland and Finland. Lan because these customers refused to pay for gas in rubles.

Companies from Germany, Italy and France have said they will join Moscow’s payment scheme to ensure supplies are maintained, while Europe plans to gradually reduce its dependence on Russian gas over the next few years. .

Also at the press conference, Mr. Peskov said that Russia has not yet reached an agreement with the Turkish side on the export of Ukrainian grain products through the Black Sea.

Turkey is pushing for an agreement between Russia and Ukraine regarding a plan to resume grain exports from Ukrainian ports. The prospect of reaching an agreement is slim as both sides blame each other for disrupting global food supplies.

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