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Russia says Western weapons aid to Ukraine appeared on the black market, brought to Syria

“There is a risk of all kinds weapon Small, lightweight pieces from the battlefield will be carried to other places around the world. Especially Javelin anti-tank missiles, man-portable air defense missiles MANPADS and anti-tank weapons.

It is reported that these weapons have been sold on the black market and are being brought to the Middle East, to Idlib of Syria. We watched some videos”, Konstantin Gavrilov – delegation leader Russia at talks on military security and arms control in Vienna.

According to special envoy Gavrilov, European countries do not understand that they are “playing with fire”.

“Ultimately, these weapons can be used for terrorist purposes. And yet the deliveries continue.”

The United States, along with allies such as Germany and Great Britain, has continuously supplied weapons to Ukraine since the conflict broke out in late February.

Most of the equipment includes small arms, anti-tank missiles and mobile anti-aircraft missiles, along with ammunition and fuel. But recently, Western countries are increasing the supply of heavy and long-range weapons to Ukraine, in the context of Russia shifting the focus of the campaign to the Donbass region.

Earlier in early June, the Secretary-General of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) Juergen Stock made a similar comment when he said that the weapons sent by Washington and its European allies to Kiev are capable of will fall into the black market, as many criminal groups are now keeping an eye on them.

Mr Stock warned of a “wave” in which both small arms and heavy weapons would flood the international black market as soon as the Russia-Ukraine conflict ends.

“Once the gunfire stops, illegal weapons will flood in. We’ve learned this from many other conflicts. Right now criminal gangs are focusing on these weapons,” Mr. Stock said. “Criminal groups will try to take advantage of the chaotic situation to acquire weapons that the military uses, including heavy weapons.”

In late May, Europol head Catherine De Bolle compared the current situation in Ukraine to the situation in the Balkans 30 years ago, when the Balkan War led to a massive influx of weapons. into the black market.

“The weapons from that war are still used by criminal groups today,” De Bolle said.

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