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Shanghai reopens some areas, Beijing closes entertainment venues

Shanghai re-blocks some areas, Beijing closes entertainment venues - Photo 1.

People are tested for COVID-19 in a fenced area in Shanghai city, China on June 8 – Photo: REUTERS

According to Reuters news agency, Shanghai and the capital Beijing recently eased restrictions after the number of new cases decreased. However, on June 9, officials in Man Hang district said they would test all 2.7 million people for COVID-19 in the district on June 11 and ask people to stay at home during this period.

Neighborhood government officials in other districts of Shanghai also announced that people must stay at home for two days and 12 more days of rigorous testing from June 9.

According to a notice sent to at least three neighborhoods, residents are asked to stay home until June 11, and must complete five rounds of mandatory testing that ends on June 23.

According to Reuters, among these are residents of Tu Hoi district, where there is an outbreak related to a beauty salon that reopened on June 1. Three employees of this beauty salon tested positive on June 9. This shop has welcomed 502 customers from 15/16 districts of Shanghai in the past 8 days.

Shanghai recorded nine cases of community transmission on June 9, with no cases in Minhang district, according to AFP news agency.

The announcement of Man Hang district made some residents fear that the blockade would last through June 11th. Meanwhile, the Shanghai government on June 9 denied rumors that the rest of the city would go into lockdown again in phases.

On the same day, authorities in Chaoyang, Beijing’s district of more than 3 million people, ordered the closure of entertainment venues and Internet cafes. Patrons of the four bars in the district were also asked to give their names and self-quarantine.

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